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Generic Opening of the World Cup

Former Bangladeshi cricketer Abdur Razzak and actress Jaya Ahsan were present at the opening ceremony of the World Cup. Photo: Collected

The end is for the cricket fans to wait. Today, the whole world welcomes the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 through a simple opening ceremony. The ceremony started in London 'The Mall' in front of Buckingham Palace at 10pm on Bangladesh.

Generally, the world's best sports events are inaugurated at the historic historic stadium. However, the classical tradition broke and the ceremony was organized by the organizers of England and Wales.

Not a stadium, the land that has been the sign of the history and tradition of the British over the ages, the famous 'The Mallye' will be screened in the 12th World Cup Cricket World Cup. The place is proud of the British. Here they celebrated the victory of World War II. Apart from this, the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth's ascension has been held here.

The program is going to be small-scale so that the opening party of the World Cup did not have the chance to see directly in front of its eyes, too many visitors. Because, the number of seats in the mall is only four thousand. Only four thousand lucky cricket fans in the ICC's free ticket have the chance to see this inauguration ceremony.

But not everyone else has the chance to be disappointed. The opening ceremony of the World Cup is shown directly on the television screen. The one-hour-20-minute event was a spectacular display of cricket celebration, music and culture.

Each member of the ICC member states bat a minute. Attenders were giving the johnbone. On behalf of Bangladesh, Abdur Razzak and Jaya Ahsan came to Buckingham. Abdur Razzak, naturally all the balls have been bowled, but if he plays four balls, just hit a ball bat Jaya Ahsan.

Earlier on Wednesday, World Cup Organizing Committee managing director Steve Elworthy said in a statement: "We will show the whole world why they will enjoy cricket for the next 45 days." We will celebrate the diversity of the World Cup, Cricket and Sports. '

Earlier, the captain of the 10-team captain, who took part in the World Cup, went to Buckingham Palace for a courtesy visit to Queen Elizabeth II. After the meeting, Mashrafeera took part in the inauguration of the World Cup.

England and South Africa will host the first match in the World Cup. The main battle for Bangladesh's World Cup will start on June 2. The Tigers will face South Africa on that day

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