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Gautam Gambhir is an illiterate and apocalyptic: Afridi

Gautam Gambhir and Shahid Afridi at the playground Old pictures

Cricket World Cup Meanwhile, the teams have started playing their preparatory matches. The best 10 teams to take part in World Cup preparations to show in the exciting tournament. And at the same time, the former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir came to the ashes of Bara Bharat.

Many cricket fans believe that Gambhir is a player of extremism. So he gave proof in his hands again.

On February 14, Gambhir had called for boycotting Pakistan in the World Cup by attacking Pakistan-based terrorists in Pulwama in Kashmir. He also made the same comment after winning the last Lok Sabha elections in India.

Recently, Gambhir said, India and Pakistan should not be playing with Pakistan even if they reach the final of the World Cup, but India should avoid playing with them.

On the other hand, former Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi is ready to face Gambhir in the battlefield outside the field.

Shahid Afridi responds to Gautam Gambhir's suggestion that India should forfeit any World Cup matches versus Pakistan "Does this kind of a sensible person say? Do educated people talk like this?" # CWC19
– Saj Sadiq (@Saj_PakPassion) 24 Μαΐου 2019

Afridi said in a recent interview with Pakistan's local television channel, "Do you think, using your own intelligence when talking serious? He's a fool! Does any educated man speak like this? '

Afridi did not stop saying this Instead of selecting Gambhir, Indians also said with one hand, 'Indians voted for a person who has no intelligence.'

Earlier both of them were involved in a war of words. The fight started in the fight mainly Afridi. In the book 'Game changers', the latest all-round Pakistani all-pacer's autobiography, Gautam Gambhir wrote about the Indian opener Gautam Gambhir. Afridi named a mental patient after gambling tweet after publication.

Afridi described Gambhir as a personal enemy in the autobiography, Afridi. He wrote, 'Some enemies are private, and some professional. The first is called Gambhir. There is a lot of problem in his behavior. He has no personality. He's a weird character in the cricketing world. There is no great record but there is a lot of arrogance. '

"The behavior of Don Bradman and James Bond is his (Gambhir). In Karachi we call a man like him miser. This is true I like the happy and positive people. It's not that he is aggressive or rival. But he must be positive, which is certainly not serious. '

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