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Gambhir, who is on the lookout for Afridi

The controversy and criticism of Pakistan's star cricketer Shahid Afridi's autobiography 'Game changer' came to the fore in 'Boom Boom', it was predicted earlier. That's exactly the same. The all-rounder, who is also the former cricketer and coach of Waqar Younis and Javed Miandad, has blasted the bombs. Afridi named Waqar as a "horror coach" as a coach at the end of his career in autobiography. Apart from this, another legend, Javed Miandad, who tried to get him out of the team, alleged that the former all-rounder Former India opener Gautam Gambhir, who was bitterly concerned about the cricketing legend, was always bitter about Afridi Afridi named Gambhir as 'shame of cricket' in his book.

But the former Indian opener did not tolerate the criticism at all. He has compared Afridi to a mental patient with a counter-attack. Afridi responded to his Twitter account on Saturday, tweeting that Gambhir, who has been contesting for the Lok Sabha elections from Delhi for the BJP, Predicting the field rivals, the former cricketer said, 'Afridi, how excited you guys are! However, we still give Pakistani visas for treatment. I personally will take you to a psychiatrist's doctor. "That means, Gambhir replied to criticism that he was mentally disturbed by the star of Pakistan.

Problems between Afridi and Gambhir have already been coming. In about a decade ago, in 2007, in the one-day match in Kanpur, bitterness began. Then both the cricket and the politics issues between the two countries also mud mud each other. Afridi, who recently took his wicket in one of his autobiography, Afridi. The Indian opener writes, "Gambhir behaves like Don Bradman or James Bond. I usually like positive people. If they are aggressive, then there is no problem. But Gambhir is not a positive one, a totally negative person. '

Former Pakistan captain, claiming Gambhir to be a proud cricketer, wrote, "He is very arrogant. There is a problem of mentality, he has no personality. He is a man who can be called the shame of cricket. His record is nothing but he is arrogant.

Shahid Afridi's autobiography, 'Game changers', which was published simultaneously in Pakistan and India on April 25, Afridi said that his real age was five years more than the age specified in passport and PCB profile. Afridi wrote in his autobiography, after being criticized by Pakistan's former coach Waqar, 'Unfortunately he could not leave the past unfortunately. He was a normal captain, but a very awful coach.

Afridi also criticized former coach Javed Miandad for his autobiography. The former all-rounder complained that Afridi, who was included in the team during his 1999 tour of India, wanted to be dropped. "Miandad tried very hard to get me out of the team. He did not even take part in the practice of team before India.

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