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Former cricketers criticize Mahendra Singh Dhoni for his on-field argument with umpires | Dhoni criticized the debate with umpires, former cricketers said – this is not an under-10 cricket

Michael von said – you can not go to the ground and show finger to the umpire
Shaun Tait said – I think Dhoni forgets that he is a player

Jaipur. In the 25th match of the IPL, Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, against Rajasthan Royals, entered the ground and debated the umpires. On this, the BCCI cut 50% of their match fees. The cricketers criticized Dhoni for his actions. Former Australian fast bowler Shaun Tait said that looking at Dhoni was strange. You can not go to the field. It is not played in any village or under-10 cricket.

You can not show finger to the umpire: von

Tate said, "I think Dhoni sometimes forgets that he is a player, you are not an officer but a player, you can not control any official, it was really a weird moment."

Former England captain Michael Vaughan also criticized Dhoni. He said, "I know they are Dhoni, they can do anything in their country, but you can not show finger to the umpire by going out of the field from Doug Out."

Australia's Michael Slater said during the commentary in the match, "You do not want to see any captain angry with the umpires, you would never want to be angry. It was incredible."

Mark Waugh, the former Australian player, wrote on Twitter: "I know that there is a lot of pressure on franchisees in the IPL, but I am frustrated with two incidents, including the captains like Ashwin and Dhoni." He recalled the incident of Munkanking by Buttler by Ashwin.

External players include former Indian cricketers Deepdas Gupta, Akash Chopra, Sanjay Manjrekar and Hemang Badani. Deepadas said, "You have the right to protest against the fourth umpire and the referee. It was wrong to go to the ground."

Akash Chopra said, "The level of umpiring has been very bad this season, the ball was declared a no ball, but the decision was changed, it could make anyone feel angry, but going to the opposition captain's field It was not right, Dhoni put the wrong example. "

Sanjay Manjrekar said, "Dhoni was lucky that he was left with a fine and went straight to the ground and clearly did wrong." Badani was also surprised by this. He said, "It was completely different from the behavior of Captain Cool."

In fact, in the 19th over during Chennai's batting against Rajasthan, the umpire changed his decision after giving the ball no ball to Stokes. Despite Dhoni being out on this, he got angry in the field. However, when the decision was not changed, he returned to anger. Mitchell Saturn gave Chennai a convincing six over the last ball.


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