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Finishing the frustrating of Real

Zinedine Zidane, who has been in Real Madrid for the second time, promised to finish the season after forgetting his wounds. The supporters also hoped, maybe Zidane will return to self with the real again. But that dream was gone, and it was not implemented. In the last two rounds of Spain's top league, the successful team of the Harale contest is in the race.

Real Madrid finished their disappointing season at home in Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday after losing to Real Betis. The hosts lost by 2-0 in the match held at the local time. Prior to the first of January, Real won 2-1 against Real Real.

Zidane's voice was the tone of self-confidence in winning his last match in the season. But his disciples showed the entire Bernabeu the opposite image. Bad performance around the match has always been disappointed by the visitors. Benzema-Iscora could not test the guests for a moment in the 90-minute match. Several times they could not send the ball to the ball, even after attacking opponent's D-box, they kept the balance.

However, Caesar's nervousness was different from the others. He has saved five or six goals in the match. Otherwise, he would have lost half-a-dozen goals in Real Madrid. After the match, he got a lot of salute for his work. But the way he waved his hand, it was not enough to understand that the goalkeeper had played his last match in Real.

Zidane disciples have begun to rejuvenate in the beginning of the season. Bettas used that opportunity. In 15 minutes after the break, Real Madrid sent the ball to the ball twice and the match took control of the guests. Real in the 61st minute of the match stops the whole of Santiago Real Spanish forward Lorraine Moron took the lead in the strong shot with a ball from mid-field. After 14 minutes, Jesse Rodriguez ensured the team's victory by sending the ball into the Real Madrid second round.

Real Madrid played in the last 11 games of the season under Zidane in Bernabeu for a second term. Out of which, winning five wins against six Euro champions Rate in four. This is their 12th defeat in the tournament. Real Madrid finished the league in 38 matches and finished third with 68 points in five draws and 68 points.

However, during the bitter period of the season, Real also won the last five matches on their own field. But there is also the disappointment of disappointment in the last day of the season. Zinedine resulted in such a thing, with the question of the future of Reality left the question of doubt!

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