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Finally Salahar goals, Liverpool at the top

This year's English Premier League title has reached the peak of the competition. The two claimants to be the champions, Liverpool and Manchester City are moving to the top of the table by removing each other and going down to second position. On Sunday, Liverpool pulled Mancee into the top of the table. Mancity was at the top of the table on the field, losing the Crystal Palace to the opponent's field. But Liverpool's Yurgene Clope has reclaimed Chelsea's top spot in the day's major match.

Chelsea beat Chelsea by 2-0 goals in the home field Anfilade on Sunday night. The winner of the team is Egyptian superstar Mohammad Salah and Senegalese Sadio. Salah started this season with an amazing start. The star was making Liverpool one by one goal early in the match. However, for some time forgot to catch the nets forgot Golmasin Liverpool team management and fans on the forehead were anxiously worrying about the best striker's offs. Finally, with the exception of Chelsea, the goal was to bring the team to the top and also put all the fears away.

On Sunday, Liverpool got the chance to advance several times in the first half of the match. Salah, who got the ball in a moving position in a moving position from the cross of the Saddo standard, was hit by Chelsea's goalkeeper, Salah. Shortly before the end of the first half game, the shot shot from a little distance from the goalbill went out on the crossbar side.

But in the second half, Liverpool took the reins of the match with two consecutive goals. In the 51st minute Henderson crossed the head from the cross and gave the lead to Sadai means. Two minutes later, scoring a strong shot of left foot from 25 yards away, Salah scored the team 2-0 goals. This was Salahar's 19th goal in this year's Premier League. The top goal scorer is now jointly with Manassi Sergio Aguero, now Egypt's forward.

Four minutes later, Liverpool's Brazilian star Roberto Ferminio's long-range shot missed a shot. However, Chelsea scored in the 59th minute of the match just for the unfortunate. Belgian star Eden Hazard's shot defeats Liverpool's goalkeeper, but the post prevents him. At the end, no other team could score goals, leaving the field with a 2-0 win over the Yurgene Clap team. Liverpool, above all 34 points out of 34 matches, Papa Guardiola's Manchester City, with 83 points in the second place, is in the second position.

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