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Fifty-five gifts before the final!

May 16, 2011, 21:40 | Update: May 16, 2019, 21: 51 The picture of the fifth. Such a breakthrough before the final, the pillar of Bangladesh's cricket. Photo: Collected

Bengal Panchapandab It is a picture of those five of the country's cricketers in the eyes of the players. Mashrafee, Shakib, Mushfiqur, Tamim and Mahmudullah. Half of fifty-five-year-old's health means smile on the face of billions of cries!

In the triennial series in Ireland, such a picture has been presented before the final five. Mushfiqur Rahim gave the first picture on Facebook. Later Mahmudullah Riyadh shared it on his own page.

In the picture, five people are talking about the hotel bed. Middle of the five captains Mashrafe On his right is opener Tamim Mahmudullah, Mushfiqur and Shakib are on the other side Smile at all

Bangladesh have not won the final in the tri-nation series before the World Cup. West Indies in the final of the West Indies Mashrafe's team, who have already lost twice.

Bangladesh will play a final seven-day series in this series. Earlier, Bangladesh reached the final of the four ODIs and two Twenty20s. But once the title of taste did not taste Bangladesh. It has been so disappointing that Panchapandab has to stay.

But Mashrafe has expressed his optimism in the final. But it's a little worried about Shakib. Shakib has left the field after being injured in Ireland. There is no danger if the primary examination is not serious. However, it is learned that the final decision on the team has left the team management on Shakib.

Bengal cricketmodis want a wide smile of fifty-five The picture will really become a great history, when the elusive trophy of tomorrow comes in the hands of the fifth-hand.

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