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Fast bowler away from hockey sticks!

On 2 March 2011, England made a huge score of 327 runs against Ireland in the World Cup cricket match in Bangalore on 2 March 2011. Irish bowlers have lost five wickets at the start of the reply. But Kevin O'Brien, a 'batting monster' appeared on the scene. The all-rounder won the match for Ireland with an incredible record in the World Cup history. A boy from 11 years old was seen playing in Ireland far away. On that day, the boy, who was confident of doing something like Kevin O'Brien for the country, Boy running at the favorite hockey ground gave up boy, he wrote a name, in cricket.

In time, the left-handed fast bowlers, who went to the forest, are now in the race for the Ireland national cricket team. He was the specialist of the death overs at the age of 19 when he made his ODI debut against England in England on Friday. However, on 16 September 309 days before the T20 debut against Hong Kong on 5 September 2016, he made his Test debut.

Naturally, athletic genius Jash Little was born. However, the junior level of Ireland Under-16 and Under-18 teams to play hockey game Josh's cricket to be able to defeat the story. However, the fact that Kevin O'Brien's century was the main reason for taking the ball away from hockey sticks is that the Irish fast bowler In an interview given to ESPN Cricinfo, the media said, "I saw the first good match on that match on the match. Then I thought that if I could do something like this for the country, then it would be great.

But after coming out of hockey, Josh did not get much speed after coming into the game. He has been able to come to the highest level of cricket in a short span of time to help him learn quickly. The pacer, who was called to the Ireland squad for the 2016 Under-19 World Cup, was only 16 years old. Left-hander paceman took wickets in the first match of the tournament against India in the third match. Jash, who took about 135 kilometers per hour, got three wickets for 52 runs in that match. The eyes of the players in the team that can be understood in the match, his bowling great Rishav Pant, Khalil Ahmed and Washington Sunder in the field of Josh's rivalry are already starring in the Indian national team.

Left-handed pace bowler Josh conceded to bowl at the end of the innings. He is one of Ireland's leading specialist death bowlers. Besides the fast balls, effective slayer can do. The 19-year-old bowler said he did not make mistakes when he left the game and said, "I used to play hockey in school. An elderly man from an Asian family came to me at the Pembroke Cricket Club. My eyes and hand are very good, or something very good, he says something like that. That day, I did not understand what my real game has been so far. When I started bowling, I recognized my game. '

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