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Euros from the time of the qualifying mission

The Euro 2020 qualifying mission begins on Thursday. 24 teams from the qualifying will qualify for next year's tournament. Main stage matches will be held in 12 European countries. This is the first time that a group is not getting a chance to participate in the main event. Even the host does not get any additional benefits.

UEFA 55 countries will be divided into 10 groups in the qualifying category. Of these, 6 teams will play five groups and five teams divided into five groups. Each group in the group will play with each other on a home-based basis. The top two teams of each group, ie 20 teams, will qualify for the main event.

The top 20 teams will go to the end of the traditional group stage match but the play-off rules for the remaining four positions have been made a bit complicated. Last year, 55 teams of UEFA top-ranked teams were introduced for the first time in the League of Nations. The teams took part in four tiers (league-A) divided into four groups based on their position. At the end of the group stage, 16 group winners of the League of Nations will be in a convenient position to play playoffs. However, only if they fail to stay in the top two in the qualification, they will have the opportunity to play-off.

Each league will pick the top team in their own section. In the league, four teams will play in the semi-finals in two stages and the final. Every league winner will qualify for the Euro 2020 final. Nation's leagues are held in teams of 1-55 in world ranking. If the group winners of the Nation's League are in the top two in the qualifying category, then the next best team of the league will qualify for the Euro.

England, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland will face each other for the first time in the June edition of the League of Nations leagues. If any of these teams go down to the qualification, the result of the Nation's final will not be of any use to them.

The matches will be held from March to November this year. The teams that play in the final of the League of Nations League have no qualifying match in June. The 12 and 12 European cities are scheduled to be held in the 12th-12th of next year, in Amstedam, Baku, Bilbao, Bucharest, Budapest, Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, London, Munich, Rome and St. Petersburg.

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