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England's win against Sri Lanka England's winning win proves the importance of proper planning and selection

    Ayaz Memon Apr 11, 2019, 05:00 PM IST
England beat Sri Lanka by 211 runs in Galle Test
England's first win in the last 13 Tests on overseas field

Sports desk England's big victory over Sri Lanka in the first Test was a big event in the cricket world last week. Well, Virat Kohli's debate with Fan at the time of his launch of the app also got a lot of headlines. Gal is called the Sri Lankan fort. England's team could not win overseas in the last 13 Test matches. Rangana Herath, who played the last Test, has been very successful at this stadium. Everybody was pointing out that Sri Lanka would win, but England overturned and confused Sri Lanka with its net.

On the supportive domestic pitches of spinners, Sri Lanka has given other teams less opportunities for happiness. Australia's batsmen fought in 2016 and this year South Africa's team was badly beaten. Only India, who has the best batsmen for the turning track, was able to challenge Sri Lanka.

England's victory for India
It is true that in the present time Sri Lankan team, administration and the players are going through a bad situation, but despite all this, the victory of England in the first Test is shocking. I am writing this victory over England because it shows the importance of effective planning and right selection. It is the learning of the other teams, especially India. Over the last several weeks, the main focus of selectors and team management was how to defeat Sri Lanka in his home.

The ability to play spin in Keaton Jennings
If this focus was to escape from there somehow England would not get success. England's team combination was excellent, the effect was also on the result. Keithon Jennings, who has consistently failed in the domestic season, has scored a great hundred in the second innings. The selectors kept their confidence so that their ability against spin is good and smart in thinking. The success of Jennings shows what the results can be achieved by maintaining trust in the youth and continuously giving opportunities.

Ben Fox scored a century in the debut test
Joining Ben Fox in the team proved to be a master stroke. In his debut match, 25 year old player played 107 and 37 runs. Apart from this, he also made excellent wicketkeeping against both fast bowling and spin. This is Ed Smith's best decision. After the injury to Johnny Bairstow, everyone was hoping that Jose Butler would do wicketkeeping.

Butler did better in Tests after ODI
With Butler's wicketkeeping, England got an opportunity to select an additional batsman and strengthen his top order, but Fox was given a chance because he is considered as a wicketkeeper and more such pitches are needed on this skill. Ed Smith also brought Jose Butler to the Test team. Butler was considered to be a limited overs cricket player, but Smith was sure he would also do well in the Test matches.

Team can win even if root fails
Butler has not proved his hope so far. Baresto will also find it difficult to regain the wicketkeeping slot, considering the situation now. However, he can return as a batsman. It is important from England's perspective that he is the best batsman who can win without the big contribution of the Root. With the presence of Stokes and Moin Ali, both batting and bowling are strong. This gives the captain much flexibility in batting and bowling.

The series is not over yet and Sri Lanka's team can return strongly. In such a situation, England must maintain form and enthusiasm. From Gaul's performance, it is clear that excellent planning, strong motivation and correct selection are the recipes for success. Keeping a star in the team just does not win.

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