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Embarrasses such shame!

Paris Saint-Germain was on the verge of losing the French Premier League title. In the previous match, against the Strasbourg victory, the title could have been confirmed by PSG. But with 2-2 draws, Kiwiyan Mbabpadera increases. However, on Sunday night, PSG drowned in shame against Lilay. Thomas Twinkle's team had a 5-1 win over Lele.

On Sunday, Lele went on to score a self-centered first goal in the field. In the seventh minute of the match, Lil's forward Eckon crosses the ball to send the ball to the net in PSG Belgian defender Thomas Moniar Hosts went 1-0 up in the match. But after just four minutes, the parity returns PSG Huan Bernat made a 1-1 draw in the Velasco match with the ball from Super Cross Killian Mbabp's cross. Footballers from the two teams have to break from equality

However, the PSG could not imagine the nightmare of what was waiting for themselves after the break. From the start of the second half, Lele played great offensive football. In this half of the match, the PSG netted the ball four times. In the sixth half, Nicholas scored a goal in the second half to give Lillee a 2-1 margin. In the 65th minute, Jonathan Bumba scored the scoreline 3-1.

Lille scored again in the 71st minute of the match. Now the hosts are thrilled to be delighted by Gabriel José Fountain gave the last nail in the PSG's coffin six minutes before the end of the match. In the 84th minute, Fanta's goal was a 5-1 victory over Lille. Despite the shameful defeat, the PSG has kept the top spot in the points table. At the end of the 31st match, 81 points the EmbaPp team. Lele is in second place with 64 points in second place.

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