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'Dream of playing against India from childhood'

May 28, 09:09, | Updated: May 28, 2015, 11:53

Before returning to the World Cup, Bangladesh's warm-up match was two. The match against Pakistan has fluttered in the rain. Bangladesh face Bangladesh in second warm-up match on Tuesday. Earlier, all-rounder Saifuddin said, "The World Cup is a big place. I will try to prove myself. The opponent is too big. There is a chance to prove yourself. '

Saifuddin said, 'I had a dream since childhood, I will play against India.'

In the face of journalists in the face of this match, Saifuddin came to play the World Cup for the first time.

Before the warm-up match against India, Saifuddin faced the media before the media. Photo: Collected

Saifuddin said, "We lost the last match with India at the very last moment. Although I did not play It will be my first match against India in today's play. I'm excited too. From a childhood I had a dream, I will play with India. Well, I do bad, it is in Allah's hand. Will try to give good. Most importantly, our match against them at the end of the Ashes If we do something good in the warm-up match, it will work in the tournament. "

Saifuddin said, "Every bowler has his own skill. I trust that skill.

The second and last practice will be held at the Sofia Gardens in Cardiff. Bangladesh will start the match at 3:30 pm.

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