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Do not take any sport as your profession: Nisham

World Cup ends Won England But the last 30 minutes of the game was full of excitement. New Zealand's rate in the final match of the World Cup is unfortunate. New Zealand lost for a little

But fans of Kiwi refused to accept this rate. New Zealand can not accept the rate of many cricket fans. England have won the cup in front of many rules. Then New Zealand cricketer James Nisham tweeted with Hutasha. To the children, 'Little ladies, do not take any sports as your profession. They can take any other profession. If they need to cook biscuits, in 60 years they can die with happiness and fun.

In this tweet it is clear how much New Zealand players have broken down at their own rate. They are prohibiting future generation from being cricketer. Because the amount of sorrow that hurts is not explained, it is not worth explaining.

It is very painful to spend life with the responsibility of such a failure that seems to be on Nisham's post. But before that he posted the greeting to the England team. Nisham has answered this painful post. They all stood by New Zealand.

Kids, do not take up sport Take up baking or something Die at 60 really fat and happy
– Jimmy Neesham (@JimmyNeesh) July 15, 2019


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