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Different technologies in India's World Cup jersey

May 19, 19, 19:42, Update: May 19, 2019, 20:22

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World Cup cricket is going on in the field after a decade Participating teams are preparing for their last preparations. Cricketers have taken several steps to keep themselves fit in this long tour. In that sense, India has added a new dimension to the toughest touch of technology. Indian team management decided to use 'Vest' technology in Jersey for the perfect analysis of cricketers in the field. As the first team in cricket, India will take on different technology. However, various football clubs are already using this technology in jerseys.

'Vest' is a high-resolution technology that can analyze the speed of the cricketers on the field. That is to say, how hard the players are working in the field, how much pressure they are facing, or how much the cricketer's body is responding. By using the figures available from this machine, it will be possible to reduce the excess pressure on the cricketers. It is expected that the tendency of the injury will be reduced.

UK-based Statspowers, an organization called Indian company, has taken the responsibility of supplying this technology. The Indian Cricket Board has already signed an agreement with the company.

Regarding the use of this new technology, South Asia region manager of StatsSports, Pankaj Wankhede said, "There is a lot of physical work to play in cricket. Our technology (GPS) will monitor the quality of players' fitness. Apart from this, players can also measure the speed, physical or emotional pressure. Trainers and physiologists will also be able to arrange for proper rehabilitation of the players found to be harmed by the quality of the fitness of the players. India's players are familiar with this technology and discussed it in December last. This vest is below the jersey. '

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