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Dhoni's long career rhetoric!

May 28, 09, 21:02 | Update: May 28, 2009, 21:03

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has spent 15 years in international cricket. In this long career, India has given many successes. Two World Cups, one Twenty20 and one ODI. Apart from this, India has given two Asia Cups and once the Champions Trophy. It is believed that this is his last World Cup.

Dhoni is playing for national team even after 37 years. Although his bat is not very sharp as before, his fitness and cricket brain are still questionable. He is reliable behind the wicket.

His proof that Dhoni is not yet out has been found in today's preparatory match against Bangladesh. He scored a magnificent 113 in 78 balls.

His former team-mate Yuvraj Singh said, "But Dhoni's brain is very sharp. He knows when to take a single and when to play big shot. She is always hard working. Seeing him, there is no substitute for labor. I still remember that during the 2011 World Cup, there was a two-day rest for seven days. Dhoni batted for seven days. They used to bat for a long period of time. He is so industrious that he has been in international cricket for so many years.

India's greatest captain to retire from Test cricket in 2014 Dhoni, who won 199 trips in the one-day internationals in 110 matches, won in 110 matches. India won 41 of the 72 matches in his Twenty20 tournament. That's why he is called the best captain of India ever.

Due to the outstanding ability to make the right decision at the right time and to keep the head cool in the end, the example is for everyone as captain. Now see how he is doing in this World Cup.

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