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Dhoni will be India's 'trump card'

India won the Twenty20 in 2007 and one-day World Cup in 2011 under the leadership of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. India won the Asia Cup in 2010 and 2016 and the championship in 2013. Former Pakistan captain Zaheer Abbas feels that the veteran cricketer may be the trump card in the upcoming World Cup.

Recently, Zaheer Abbas said in Indian media, "There is a 'genius' player like Dhoni in the Indian team. He's the team's cricket brain He can understand the game well. His experience of winning two World Cups His experience for the captain and coach is very important. He may be the party's trump card. "

And the former Pakistan star about Virat Kohli said, "Kohli will lead the first World Cup this year. So he will want to prove as a leader. "

England's pitch will help Indian batting. Abbas believes that he can be 400 to 450 runs in an innings, 'We have seen the recently concluded Pakistan-England series. Where has been more than 300 runs. There is no grass on the wicket, so it is possible to score 450 runs in the World Cup and bowlers will not get any support from such conditions. India will be benefited by being one of the best batting lineups in such a situation. "

Pakistan's legendary batsman said who will play in the semi-finals, "Fitness will be important in the World Cup due to format and England's weather. I think most of the best teams will go to the last four. In that case, the possibility of playing in the semifinals of India, Pakistan, Australia and New Zealand.

Zaheer Abbas said about India-Pakistan match in the World Cup, "In my opinion, India-Pakistan matches are much bigger than the Ashes and all cricket fans like. I want to see this match all the time. '

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