Dhoni and his wife Gave Dinner Party To Team India | Dhoni and his wife Siddhi have given Team India the Diner Party at home - Online Betting Guides
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Dhoni and his wife Gave Dinner Party To Team India | Dhoni and his wife Siddhi have given Team India the Diner Party at home

Practices from Team India before a one-day match to be played on March 8
Everyone's eyes will stay on Mahendra Singh Dhoni, probably his last match will be on this field
JSCA ground for Indian captain Virat Kohli is still lucky

Ranchi Team India reached Ranchi on Wednesday before a one-day match to be played on March 8. For all the players at night, Dhoni and his wife Siddhi kept the dinner party at home. On Thursday, the cricketers of India and Australia tested their preparations and batted heavily on the net.

At the beginning of the match practice star players were not seen. Everyone's eyes were on Dhani and Kohli's Deedar. Dhoni reached the ground at 12 o'clock in the afternoon. After a while laughing, he batted half an hour in the nets. Rishabh Pant and Kedar Jadhav also gave a fine knock of sixes. A six was hit by the mirror, then someone went out of the stadium. Dhoni played a lot of shots with his name. After this Mahi also gave tips to Rishabh Pant to bat and told how the six is ​​applied. On the other hand, the bowlers Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Chahal also bother the batsmen. KL Rahul also withdraws from the nets after doing stylish batting. Then Shikhar Dhawan played shots fiercely. At 4 o'clock, the Australian cricketer reached the ground and ran first. Everyone's eyes were on Maxwell, Finch, Jampa, Khwaja, who used to wash the bowlers very quickly.

Long rocks began to rattle
The team trainer wanted to see who could fly the longest six. After this, there was a rain of sixes. Long-hitting sixes and fun changed everything. The batsmen got the opportunity to play three-three balls. First of all, Dhoni came. As soon as they came, they hit six on three balls. Then Dhawan, Pant, Jadeja, Vijay Shankar, Jadhav, Chahal also showed their strength by putting a six. The BCCI has shared the video of this exciting net session on its Twitter handle, which has become viral. Team India would like to give Dhoni a gift of series win with an unbeatable 3-0 lead. Everyone in this match will remain on Dhoni, who will play in his home. Dhoni probably play the last match on his home ground. Because there is such a possibility that after the Dhoni World Cup, say goodbye to cricket. If Dhoni gets the opportunity to bat, people would like to play that memorable innings.

Kohli's best score in JSCA 139
Ranchi's Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) ground for Indian captain Virat Kohli is still lucky. He has scored 261 runs in an average of 261 in 3 innings. Virat, who is called the run machine, has scored a hundred and a half century on this ground. His best score is 139 not out, which he made against Sri Lanka on 16 November 2014. Sri Lanka's then captain Angelo Mathews also scored an unbeaten 139 in this match. The names of those two batsmen are recorded on the field as the individual best score of ODI. Mathews (139 runs) is the second best batsman here.

Match pitch will be given to match-winners

The two teams will face face-to-face on Friday on a Test match played against Australia and India in 2017. This third ODI will be played on pitch number four. The pitch has been completely sporty. Just as the pitch will behave earlier, so will it be in the other shift. The batsman will make a lot of runs in it. Like the ODI match played between India and Australia in 2013, the pitch will behave. In this match Australia's team first scored a score of 295 runs. However, due to rain the match was canceled. In the Test match Australia scored 451 and 204, India scored 603 runs. In the 4 ODIs played in JSCA, the batters have created 1709 runs in 322 overs. Australia's team scored 295 runs against India in 2013. In 2014, Sri Lanka scored a score of 286 runs. In reply, Team India won the match by scoring 288 runs. In 2016, New Zealand scored 260 and India scored 241 runs.

Action will be on duty officers leaving duty

On the JSCA International Cricket Stadium, on Friday, deputation of magistrate and police officials has been deputed to maintain law and order for the one-day match between India and Australia. In this regard, DC Rai Mahimapat Ray and SSP Anish Gupta have issued joint orders. Under this, magistrate deputed, police officers and policemen were found to be able to watch matches instead of their duty, suspension and departmental action would be taken. Duty card will be issued to all magistrates, police officers and police personnel. On which deputation will be kept. Everyone has been given strict orders that they will not leave the deputation site. Control room has been built in the stadium campus itself. If there is a problem in law system in or out of the stadium, then the situation will be controlled from the control room. In such situation, deputed magistrates, police officers and police personnel in the control room will provide necessary assistance.

Barricading on VVIP route
The security arrangements will be strictly sticking to the match. Barricading has been done on VVIP route. Strict security arrangements have been made on the way from where the players are staying in the stadium and the stadium to match. Route chart has been released to go to the stadium. At the same time, all the police stations have been instructed to make special arrangements of patrol in their respective areas during the game and after the end of the game. In order to prevent any untoward incident by anti-social elements in the field, due to the tension and consequences of the match,

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