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Cricketer suicides for debt!

He played for the East Sai Baba Cricket Club of India in Virar, India. Binodad did not have the money to play cricket. So he did his job as part time job as well. But the liability of the debt increased so much, forced to commit suicide with mother Sanjeebani Chougul.

Binod's parents have been divorced a few days ago. He used to stay in a flat with his mother in a flat in Virar's Narangi. Small family with mother. But the cost was more than the revenue, the debt continued to increase day by day. Unable to pay this money, they chose the path of suicides. The local police think so. There was a case of obesity.

Police recovered their bodies from a flat in Birara on Friday night. After initial investigation, local police said that Vinod and his mother had committed suicide by eating poison.

A cricketer has died in the cricketing country of India. A few days ago, former Indian captain Rahul Dravid demanded the scholarship of young cricketers. Because, if the players fail, they can not choose another way of living. Many times they do not have the right to study cricket. So he has demanded that the Indian board think about the matter.

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