cricket world cup: last 4 months, 2 lakh Indians apply for england | In the last 4 months 2 lakh Indians applied for visas for England - Online Betting Guides
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cricket world cup: last 4 months, 2 lakh Indians apply for england | In the last 4 months 2 lakh Indians applied for visas for England

8 lakh tickets of World Cup sold, 1.5 million women bought in it
Tournament will be played in England and Wales from May 30 to July 14

Mumbai. What is the thrill of the World Cup in the Indian audience, it can be estimated from the fact that in the last 4 months, 2 lakh Indians have applied for UK visas. Of these, 40% of the people have planned to go to Britain specifically for a match. At the same time, those who are going from any other job, they are also ready to watch the match. These figures are from British High Commission's visa partner service VFS Global.

In the first quarter of this year compared to the last quarter of 2018, the number of Indians applying for UK visas has increased by more than 120%, due to which the World Cup is the same. The ICC has so far sold 8 lakh tickets in the opening matches of the event. The special thing is that 1.5 lakh of these women are included.

Disappointment of youth from ODI cricket: Steve Ellworthy

ICC's Tournament Director Steve Elworthy says that it is a good sign for the betterment of the game that women are also interested in it. This can also be a step towards promoting women cricket. In addition to women, 1 lakh tickets have been purchased by children under the age of 16 years who prove that the younger generation is only interested in T-20 cricket. The responsibility of broadcasting World Cup matches in the Middle East and North Africa is with OSN, ESPN in Caribbean Islands and Ten Sports in Pakistan. The World Cup will be played in England from May 30. Ten teams will participate in this.

The most watched event Wimbledon after cricket
After being a sportsman of India, tennis is the most preferred and followed. 53% of viewers are interested in seeing big events or big matches of tennis However, cricket is at the top with 90% of viewers. Third is badminton (49%). These results have emerged from the survey of Emperor Analysis. In this survey, the audience numbers were calculated according to different games and their big events. Indian cricketers are most interested in watching Wimbledon after the cricket events.

Cricket's viewership is 90% in the country, the Olympics in top-5

Viewership (in%)






World Cup most favorite event, World T20 too behind
Anyway, the T-20 and the Indian Premier League craze can increase, yet the Cricket World Cup is still the most favorite of Indian viewers. 74% of viewers are interested in watching the World Cup. 67% of World T20 and 59% of people in the IPL are interested. There are only cricket events in top four places in this list. However, there is Wimbledon behind the rest of the game at number-5.

4 cricket's most watched top-5 tournament in the country

Viewers (in%)

Cricket world cup

World T20

ICC Champions Trophy



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