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cricket bat and ball history cricket world cup 2019 analysis | In the 17th century the bat was shaped hockey, made of ball cloth or wool

Cricket starts in England in the 15th century
Cricket started with a sheep-ridden wood

Sports desk ICC Cricket World Cup is to be played from May 30 to July 14. Nobody knows about the beginning of cricket. In the year 1598, the word 'cricket a wicket' was first used in the dictionary 'A World of Words', made by Italian linguist John Florio. The game was developed in England in the late 15th century.

As the game progressed, its bat, ball and pitch gradually changed. In 1720, the cricket bat was like a shake hockey. In 1750 the bat became flat and sharp. Cricket like this was played with the first clothes and wool ball.

The story of change of cricket bat, ball and pitch

In 1720, the wood used to drive the sheep was used to play cricket. Although the first information about the use of the bat is also found in 1620. When the batsman used the bat to stop the fielder from catching catch. Its 100 years later bat were of hockey size. In 1720 he played sheep-feeding cricket. They used to play cricket from the wood they used to drive the sheep.
There was a slight change in the 1750's bat. This bat was like hockey, not like the bat of the present time. It was slightly flat and sharp. Handle was long.
1774-1790 The size of the bat of the current time was quite similar to that of the bat at this time. The bottom part was a little round. In 1790 the length was much higher.
1800-1840 bottom part became flat. The whole bat started to be made from a wood. Length decreased. At this time, the weight of the bat was between two and a half kilos.
Starting from over 1900 onwards, due to the introduction of over-arm bowling, the bats became strong, so that they could coax fast balls. Bats have started to become more wider.

Bat's law: According to the MCC, which rules the cricket rules, the length of the bat should not exceed 96.5 cm. Its width should not exceed 10.8 cm

There was no major change in the size of the ball in 275 years

For the first time, leather ball was used in 1744. Even then the ball used cork, leather, and rubber, even today the ball is made from this. Photo of 1856 is the first official cricket ball.
By 1977 red ball, now only test is played first cricket was played with red ball. The ODIs were also used by the red ball. It is made of cork. Since the beginning, there has been a difference in its color. This was used in all formats till 1977. When the ball was new, then there was more swing. The old ball is more reverse swing Now the red ball is used only in the tightest cricket.
For the first time white ball in Australia used to be white ball in the Carrie Packer series for the first time in Australia. In 1977 Carrie Packer was played with the World Series Cricket White Ball. After this series, there was a trend of white ball and colorful clothes in ODIs. White ball is used in limited overs cricket. Day-Night Test started in 2015. In this, the use of pink balls began.

Ball rule: In 1744, the written rule of cricket was made. In 1770 the weight of the ball was 156 to 163 grams. The circumference is fixed between 22.4 and 22.9 cm. Since then, such a ball has been used.

Only 1 yard difference in length of pitch
In the length of the pitch, only one yard difference has come in comparison to the first. By the time of 1744 the pitch was 23 yards (21.03 m). After that it started to be 22 yards (20.11 meters). At present, cricket is played on a 22 yard pitch compared to the three formats of cricket.

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