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Copa America uncertain Suarez!

Because of knee surgery, star striker Luis Suarez should be out of the field for at least four weeks. That's why Uruguay's star has not been able to make it to Barca's Copa del Rey final against Valencia on May 25. Not only that, and his days in the Copa América Cup, which has been going on the field for a few days, have become uncertain.

Copa America is going to field in June. On 16 June Uruguay will go on to play against Ecuador. Meanwhile, a press release from Barcelona said, "Arthroscopy was done on Suarez's right foot knee last night (Thursday). This has been done due to muscle injury. Therefore, he should be out of the game for four to six weeks. "

However, in Copa América, Uruguay's national team is likely to play the second and third matches of the group stage. Uruguay will face Chile on June 20 and the current champions Chile on 24 June.

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