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Copa América team shock!

Almost 26 years ago, in 1993, Argentina won the oldest American football title of Copa America in Latin America. Lionel Messi's team, after 2015 and 2016, is very pleased with the runners-up. Latin America's oldest football field begins in Brazil on June 14. Albechelestara, once again in front of the prestigious event, hopes for a second time. The Argentine Football Association (AFA) has announced the 36-member preliminary squad for the tournament this year.

The most successful team after Uruguay (15 times) in Copa América Argentina The 14-time champion team has surprisingly surprised the football world, the primary team announced this year. In front of Cooper, Argentine Football Association and coach Sculloni made a lot of efforts to return to the team Lionel Messi. After the failure of Russia's World Cup, Messi departed from the Argentina team voluntarily. Messi has been included in the Argentina squad announced for the Brazilian side. Wenger Angel de Maria has been included in the squad as well as the Superstar in Barcelona.

Sergio Aguero returned to the Argentina squad as a great form of the English Premier League. This manship star has been the second highest scorer in the Premier League with 21 goals in this season. Juventus star Paolo DiBala has also been included in the team along with Aguero. Inter Milan's star striker Maureen Icardi has been included in the squad after a lot of expectations. Icardi Inter Milan's team-mate striker Loutaro Martinez also called on the team.

However, Argentina's fascination showed the team's number one favorite goalkeeper Sergio Romero. In the English Premier League, Ronaldo, who is standing in Manchester United's goal line, has made quite a lot of unhappiness. Likewise, the Spanish club Sevier's midfielder Ever Banega was not included in the squad for the last World Cup. Although initially a 36-member team will be announced, the AFA will announce the final 23-member team from May 30.

Argentina's primary squad:

Goalkeeper: Esteban Andrada, Franco Armani, Augustine Marchecin, Huan Musso and Zeronimo Rully.

Defender: Gabriel Markado, Gonzalo Montel, Juan Fayette, Rango Saraiva, Nicholas Ottamandy, Walter Kaneman, German Pappella, Ramiro Funes Mori, Niklas Taglifiko, Marcos Acuna and Lisandro Sigali.

Midfielder: Leonardo Cedes, Guido Rodriguez, Giovanni Low Salso, Roberto Pereira, Rodrigo de Paul, Ezcaluel Palasio, Angel de Maria, Matthias Zarco, Ivan Marcón, Gonzalo Martinez, Manuel Lenzini, Ignacio Fernandes and Maximilano Meza.

Forwards: Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Paolo DiBala, Mauro Icardi, Matias Suarez, Loutaro Martinez and Angel Corea (Athletico Madrid).

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