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Coach Langer warns Smith-Warner about

One year after being banned from bowling 'ball tampering', former captain Steven Smith and opener David Warner returned to Australia after a year. The two teams have been called in the World Cup squad. Darren Lehmann, the coach of the ACSU, went to the Cape Town Test in March 2010 in South Africa. Former Australian batsman Justin Langer became the new coach. However, Smith, who returned to the team, warned on a special issue before the World Cup, coach Langer.

This year's World Cup will be known as Australia's antagonist of cricket in England. After the Mega Asher of Cricket, the Ashes will be played against England in the upcoming Ashes series. The Burmese Army, known as the hardened English supporter of the England team, is always present in any match. There is no pair of 'Burmese Army' to make England's opponents' special targets for the team. And this time there is a great potential for the World Cup and the Ashes will be under such circumstances Smith-Warner Coach Langer has warned them beforehand.

In the 2002 Melbourne Test, he himself heard the Burmese Army duo. Langer said something about Burmese with his teammate Brett Llie in the team. Since then, Burmese shook their ears with sarcasm. "I did 250 runs in that innings, it seemed like Viv Richards himself. I said something about Brett Lee's side and I said something against them. Soon after that, they began to listen to me satirical songs. So I will advise not to quarrel with them. '

"How terrible the Burmese army can be, it can be understood that after listening to Langer's next statement. Smith and Warner advised to keep their head cool under such circumstances, "It's probably the most important lesson in my playing career. Maybe we will never be friends with them, but they can not be co-ordinated with them. "

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