Chinese ultrarunner finishes 433-day journey from South to North pole | A runner took the distance of North Pole from South to 24,000 km in 433 days - Online Betting Guides
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Chinese ultrarunner finishes 433-day journey from South to North pole | A runner took the distance of North Pole from South to 24,000 km in 433 days

Bei Bin conducted an average of 56 km each day, during which Bei Bin passed through more than 65 cities of 13 countries
This distance is equal to running the 574 marathon, because a marathon is 42 km

Beijing China's Runner Bei Bin has set a unique record. He decided to run from North Pole to South Pole i.e. Antarctic to Arctic These journeys totaled 433 days. During this time Bei Bin set a distance of 24110 km. That is, an average of 56 km each day. A distance of 24,110 km meant running approximately 574 marathons, because a marathon is 42 km.

During this time, Bai Bin passed through 65 cities of 13 countries. These 13 countries include countries like America, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Argentina and Peru. Bei Bin started a journey from China in March 2018. During the race, Bei Bin got temperatures of up to -10 degrees in many areas, and in many places 30 to 35 degree temperature was also found. Bei Bin of China scored an average of 56 km each day.

60-70 km race is part of my daily training

Bei Bin said, "I was preparing for this challenge for nearly 3 years. In 2011, I had taken a similar challenge of 10,000 km, so I was sure that I also completed the Pol-to-Poll Challenge. Then 60 to 70 km of race is a part of my daily training, the situation in the polo-to-poles is the opposite, so there is a difference of some km, there was not much problem. That endure The power was to improve so much that I could adjust the temperature, temperature changes very well. During the Challenge, I started running from 5 am and gradually stopped at some places, from 8 am to 9 pm After that, after dinner and one hour of physical therapy, rest and the same schedule again the next day. "
"There was a team in the car along with me to take care of my health and safety." In Central America, there was such a situation that running was far away, sweating was going on, the body was being dehydrated, while Argentina I had to run in the opposite direction of the wind direction for about 40 days. "
"At one time in these changing situations, things had become such that I was feeling that I would fall. In this way I reminded myself that this is not my level. My level is above these difficulties. I said that this world is an apocalypse, so let's get up. I want to see the whole world, especially the US, and understand what the people of China are capable of. We also have beauty and courage Ii. "

Record for running for 150 days has also been made: This is not the first time when Bei Bin has scored a record for running for several days. They established a record for running more than 10,000 kilometers in 150 days in 150 days. Bin passed through 6 countries at that time. The picture was March 2018, when Bei got out on the run.

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