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Chileo wants to organize a World Cup with Argentina

Football World Cup in Qatar in 2022 The United States, Mexico and Canada will jointly organize the next event in 2026. But the next room will be where? FIFA has not yet decided who is the host country. But the Latin America's country of football tradition wants to host Argentina. As the co-host of neighboring Uruguay, the name of Paraguay initially announced, but Argentina wants to take the last Chile with it. Argentina has announced its name on Wednesday, formally aiming to participate in the 2020 World Cup bid meeting.

The announcement was made Wednesday after a meeting of Latin American Football Regulatory Agency Alejandro Domingez Buenos Aires. The high-level meeting was attended by the representatives of four Latin countries including Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay.

Argentine President Murcia McRae at the meeting told the media at the meeting, "The bidding will be very challenging to be the host of the World Cup. We have to start working as quickly as possible. '

Uruguay organized the World Cup 1930 in Latin countries. The 1962 event was hosted by Chile. And in 1978 Daniel Pantera Argentina was the first champion to host the World Cup.

The Latin countries interested in organizing the 2030s will be in Bidding, with England-Ireland and Spain, Portugal and Morocco's Tri-Nations Alliance, to be joint hosts of the event. During the 2022 Qatar World Cup, FIFA congress will finally announce the name of the host country for the 2030 event.

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