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chat with Guest Editor Cricketer Ajinkya Rahane | Kohli fails in IPL, but his team will do well in the World Cup: Rahane

Rajasthan Royals captain Ajinkya Rahane Ban Bhaskar's guest editor
He discussed many issues, appreciated Bhaskar's No Negative Monday campaign

Jaipur. Team India captain Virat Kohli may not have succeeded in the 12th season of the IPL yet, but the Test team's vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane has said that he has been successful in the World Cup. Rahane, captain of Rajasthan Royals, came to the Daily Bhaskar office on Monday. He discussed various aspects related to cricket, including the performance of Ben Stokes and Jaidev Unadkat, as a guest editor, for not being able to perform for Rajasthan Royals, including Mankading and own captaincy. During this time, he also appreciated Dnyan Bhaskar's No Negative Manday campaign and liked two Mammal Positive Stories published on Monday.

The detailed discussion of Sanjeev Garg came from them:

Question: Are you satisfied with the performance of the current season of Rajasthan Royals?
Answer: No, I will not say that I am satisfied. Yes, it is of course that we played well in four out of five matches. We could not do well against Kolkata. Won the same match, but the three matches were very close. IPL is a long tournament, it will be quite reversal. Players have to trust themselves and play with Positive Mindset.

Question: Team India's most successful captain Virat Kohli is not successful in the IPL. His team has lost six matches in a row. Will not this make pressure on him in the World Cup?
Answer: Almost all teams are equal in the IPL T20. This is team game. Sometimes it happens. This does not mean that there is no shortage of Virat Kohli's captaincy. He will be the successful captain of Team India in the World Cup. Sometimes a team can not do well or if a player fails to do well then criticisms begin to happen. They should not affect the player's performance. The T20 format is such that many times the plans are not implemented properly.

Question: What is the difference between play for the IPL franchisee and playing for the country?
Answer: Intensity is equal in both. The cricketer played at any level, his only aim is to give his best. Yes, every cricketer dreams to play for the country. Getting the Jersey of India is a matter of pride in itself.

Question: Who do you consider real cricket in Tests, ODIs and T20 cricket?
Answer: Test cricket is the real cricket in my eyes. This format is the real test of the cricketer. The character of the cricketer, Mindset is revealed in this format.

Question: Should the performance of the IPL be made in Team India, the Criteria of the selection?
Answer: Many players have represented their country after playing IPL. Jos Butler, playing from our team, was also selected in the team of his country on the basis of the performance of the IPL. Yes, I would definitely say that the selectors should also keep an eye on the performance of the cricketers' Ranji Trophy. Ranji matches are not live like IPL, but there also the players perform well.

Question: Butler became the first victim of the match in IPL. Your Opinion?
Answer: Now a lot has been heard – this has been heard. Our coach Paddy Upton has already said this about this. Yes, it was definitely a sight to see the video that butler was no fault at that time. The umpire-match referees can only be better judges. Fair should be foam

Question: You are not a forward captain like Kohli. Are you always cool in the field?
Answer: If the captain is panic in the field then the wrong message will go. I learned to be cool while I was a judo-karate in childhood. The smallest in that group. A captain has to rely on the team and the players have to thicken.

Question: Should India play against Pakistan in World Cup?
Answer: I do not think I should say something on this subject.

Question: Ben Stokes and Jaidev Unadkat are the most expensive players in the team. Last year when he was bought for 12.5 and 11.5 crore, he was described by Rajasthan Royals as match winner. But they have not won any matches on their own till now?
Answer: Of course they are not able to give their best, but both are really match-winner players. Both are the most industrious in the team. If they are not able to perform, it does not mean that they are not the best. There is both the ability to win matches on any given day.

Ajinkya said …

There is not much discussion about cricket with wife Radhika. Although he likes cricket.
For me, papa is a role model because they always say, be human, not celebrity.
The team is playing Pink Dress this year due to the viewers' choice and Pincity's symble.
I have a passion for reading books. These days I am studying Vedanta Philosophy.
Apart from cricket, I like playing table tennis and snooker.
Cricket is discussed by Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar.

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