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Champaign super over!

The English saw the dream of Harry Kane team in the World Cup last year. In the semi-finals, Croatia lost 2-1 to the tears of their own. The people of England were dreaming about the Cricket World Cup. That's the house organized!

Morgan-Stokesera did not suffer anymore. England have won the trophy for the first time in the world. And in the British newspaper, it is normal that it will be confused with it. The next day of the final, the newspapers have laid the dead bodies of the dead. BBC reports.

'The pictures of the dead people of the World Cup trophy with the World Cup trophy all over the first round of Metro. There it is seen that with the Trophy, Morgan is soaked with champagne. Morgan holds the best in the final, Jos Buttler Giving headlines below, 'Champaign super over.'

'The picture of the trophy of England's first troupe in The Sun's first leg. Trophy in Morgans Everyone, including Batler, Baiesto, Root, Roy, are cheering. The word 'WAZZET!', Just a word in the heading down, has been replaced by 'WAO' for a little bit.

The Telegraph has used almost the same type of picture. The color is also beautiful Writing on one side of the picture, 'Who is the name of the cricket, Was bowling?' Which means, 'Who said that the cricket was in tune?'

'Daily Mail' uses a little ragrag picture on their own paper. Especially love affairs are the media's interest. They gave the news of the victory of the World Cup in England. The wife of the final, Ben Stokes, is kissing his wife. Make the image bigger on the first page. Writing down, 'Kiss that she's, we're on top of the world.' That means, 'Chumuta says, we are the world's top.'

The Guardian gave pictures of Stokes and Archer's festivities on his first page. The title was "England's World Cup victory over the end."

'Daily Express' gave the picture of festivities with the trophy of Morgans. Written in the title, 'Out of the World.'

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