Cambridge and Oxford to lock horns in 165th boat race on Thames River on 7th April | 165th race tomorrow in the world's two most prestigious universities Oxford and Cambridge - Online Betting Guides
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Cambridge and Oxford to lock horns in 165th boat race on Thames River on 7th April | 165th race tomorrow in the world's two most prestigious universities Oxford and Cambridge

6.8 km rowing races are on the Thames River of London
The first race between the two was held in 1829, Cambridge won 83 times

London. The world's two most prestigious universities are Oxford and Cambridge. Oxford 923 and Cambridge are 810 years old university. There is a rowing of the boat race between these two years. This time the race is to be held on 7th April. This is the 165th season of this race. The first race took place 190 years ago in 1829. While the second race was in 1836. After 1856, this race took place every year. Of the 164 races so far, Cambridge has 83, while Oxford has won 80. A race was drawn.

Only amateur player can take part
This race is on the Thames River of London. The race is 6.8 km long. Both teams have 8-8 rows and one Cox. Cox makes a balance through the boat's steering. Only amateur players participate in the race. This time men and women and both reserve races will be on the same day.

Only two year old students can race in the race
This race is just for Amateur Roar. Only those who have studied at least two years in the university can take part in this. The players start preparing for 6 months before the event. They have training for 6 days a week. After three trials for boat race, teams are selected. Their training starts from September. The 20-20 rows of both Universities participate in the British Indoor Rowing Championships. It is a two km race. After that the teams fall into the head of the river force race.

Germany also goes to training team
In December, both teams take part in full boat race. After this, teams are selected which also goes to Germany for training. There are 10 backup rows in each team. Both teams play in blue dress dress. The color of Cambridge is the light blue and the dark blue of Oxford. The first race of women was done in 1927. It started every year since 1964. Race is a live telecast in the whole world. Every year about 1.5 crore people watch it on TV. Right now, two and a half million people gather on the banks of the River Thames to see it.

The school had two friends' idea, the first race won by Oxford
Charles Merivel of Cambridge University and Charles Wordsworth of Oxford University gave the race idea. Both of these were friends in school. Wordsworth once went to Cambridge to rowing, and then both of the friends challenged each other. On February 10, 1829, Cambridge University challenged Oxford. On June 10, the first race was held between the two. It won by Oxford.

Similar Race in Three Other Universities
1. Howard-Yale Regatta was started in 1852 between Harvard and Yale University of America. Harvard 95 and Yale win 57 times.
2. The boat race of the North in England, Durham and Newcastle University, happened in 1997. Durham 8 and Newcastle won 4 times.
3. The Wales Race in Wells and Cardiff University began in 2006. Swansea 7 times, Cardiff became the champion 6 times.

The oldest revival in 4 other games in the world

1. Cricket: Ashes series in Australia and England
In 1882 Australia defeated England on its own ground. British media wrote – Death of England cricket Ashes (Ashes) is taking Australia team after burning its mud. On the tour of Australia, English captain Blige was given the ashes of the Bell, which became a symbol of it.

Ice Hockey: America's Hudson River Rivalry
America's hockey league's New Jersey Devils-New York Rangers have a 37-year-old rivalry. This is called the Hudson River Rivalry. The grounds of these two clubs are on the banks of the Hudson River.

Football: El Clásico in Barcelona and Real
The match between Spain's two football clubs of Barcelona and Madrid's two largest cities is called El Clásico. This rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid is 117 years old. In the 275 matches so far, Barcelona have 96 and Real has won 95.

Tennis: Davis Cup between USA and UK
The Harvard University Tennis team proposed to have a tennis match between the US-UK in 1899. Earlier it was the only two countries. Now 110 countries play.

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