Broadcast Audience Research Council Report: with 20% viewership Wrestling most watched game in country | Wrestling with the 20% viewership, the most watched game in the country, on Cricket No. 2 - Online Betting Guides
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Broadcast Audience Research Council Report: with 20% viewership Wrestling most watched game in country | Wrestling with the 20% viewership, the most watched game in the country, on Cricket No. 2

In 2018, cricket, wrestling and kabaddi all saw a total of 17% drop in viewership
Wrestling league increased the popularity of sports, players got contracts for the first time

new Delhi. Cricket is considered to be the most viewed sport in India. However, the figures of 2018 are inverted. FICCI issued a report based on the data of Bark (Broadcast Audience Research Council). According to this, wrestling's share of sports winnership was upwards of 20% in the past year. Cricket remained second with 19%. Cricket share has declined by 7% compared to 2017.

Kabaddi's Viewership 17%, this game is at number three

Kabaddi is at number three with 17% viewership. Football has not been able to join the top-5 viewership game in India. Due to good performance in the Wrestling League and Commonwealth Games – Asiad, the game's viewership has increased in the country. After cricket this year, the players got annual contracts in wrestling from this year. There is no annual contract with the players in any other sport. The total viewership of top-3 games in 2018 was 56 percent, which is 17 percent lower than 2017.

16 sports leagues in the country

During the Asiad and Rio Olympics (2016), the viewership of the volleyball was good in the country. For this reason, its league has also been introduced in the country for the first time this year. Its viewership has grown by four per cent in a year. In the year 2017, the volleyball viewership has now increased to 6% compared to 2%. At the same time, the kabaddi league's viewership declined by 7% in a year. Until two years ago, there were only two leagues in the country. Now it's 16.

In the viewership, multi-sports events hold 3%, while 4% of football






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Multi sports event


Martial arts

Mixed Martial Arts


To measure the viewership, the Bark meter was installed in 33 thousand houses in the country.
Bark-o-meter is used to measure the viewership. Bark puts it in select homes. There is complete program record in it. Based on this, it is analyzed on which time in that TV, how many people saw which channel or program. Based on this analysis, reports of different categories are prepared only on the basis of this analysis. By 2018, Bark had put Bark-o-meter in 33,000 homes. Bark has recently tied up with many DTH companies. So this year, the BARC-O-meter is likely to exceed one lakh, which will increase the data acquisition.

Wrestling league after cricket was the country's second most popular league, its viewership was 85 million last year.
According to Bark, in the 2018 Wrestling League's third season's viewership was 85 crores. It is the country's most watched league after cricket. It increased 9%, while there was a big jump of 47% in the Hindi speaking region. In the tournament, 24 Olympians, 10 Rio Olympic Medalists and 14 world champions landed. Vinod Tomar of Wrestling Federation of India said that in the wrestling players are given prize money even after winning a medal in the national with annual contracts. The players in the league are getting millions of rupees. Because of this, players from around the world are joining this.

Football's viewership increased by 2 percent
According to the report, in a year, the viewership of football has increased by two per cent. This year it has increased to 4 percent compared to two percent last year. Wrestling had 23 percent of the wrestling in 2017. Viewership of 11 games increased in 2018. Among them, 2% of the badminton viewership has increased.

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