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BCCI acting president CK Khanna interview | Ganguly understands the strengths and shortcomings of cricket, will prove to be successful 'captain' of BCCI: CK Khanna

BCCI acting president CK Khanna's term for two years ended
Bhaskar gave special interview to Mumbai on the last day of his tenure

Dainik BhaskarOct 23, 2019, 12:09 PM IST Jaipur. Former captain of Team India Sourav Ganguly took command of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on Wednesday. He is the 39th President of BCCI. He was accompanied by Amit Shah's son Jai as secretary. BCCI has a full young team with Ganguly. With this, the role of the Committee of Administrators (COA) also ended in the BCCI. BKI acting president CK Khanna for more than two years, what are the expectations of Ganguly and Shah's team. How he can give new heights to the BCCI and his sour-sweet experience with COA as acting president in these two years, the Bhaskar correspondent spoke to him on Tuesday.

Question- Sourav Ganguly will become the President of BCCI from Wednesday. What do you expect from the young team of Ganguly and Shah about Indian cricket? Answer- Ganguly has been a successful captain. They understand the strengths and shortcomings of Indian cricket very well. Then he is accompanied by the young Jai Shah. I sincerely hope that this young team of BCCI will take India's cricket to new heights. There is a lot of expectation from him especially about domestic cricket.

Question- After a long time a cricketer is taking command of BCCI. Do you think they will provide some better facilities for the former cricketers too? Answer- He has been a cricketer himself. He has also been the chairman of the cab. Former cricketers will have high expectations from him. Anyway, the Cricketers' Association has also been formed. They will maintain a good rapport with the Cricketers' Association and work to provide better facilities for former and current cricketers.

Question- Ganguly has said that he will release the outstanding money of the State Cricket Association soon? Will this give direction to cricket in the states again? Answer- It is a good thinking of Ganguly and his BCCI's young team. If the state cricket associations get the outstanding money, then cricket will be able to come back on track. In states where the infrastructure has not been worked out, stadiums will be built there. Cricketers will also be able to play more and more domestic tournaments by getting money from cricket associations.

Question- You became the acting president of BCCI about 2 years ago. But due to COA, there were many restrictions on you. Could not do any work independently? Answer- Yes, being the Senior Vice President of BCCI, I was made acting President by the Supreme Court two years ago. At the same time the Supreme Court also constituted the COA. So we could not make any decision independently. We had a sour-sweet experience with COA. But now the BCCI headed by Ganguly will operate independently. The COA role will also end as soon as Ganguly takes over as president from Wednesday.

Question- Ganguly has got only 10 months. What can be expected from them in such a short time? Answer- If a human is working, then 10 months time is also enough for him. I sincerely hope that in these 10 months he can do a lot for Indian cricket. Then time will tell how much changes in Indian cricket in 10 months. Given Ganguly's experience, I sincerely hope that he will prove to be a successful 'captain' of the BCCI.

Question- BCCI and ICC have already created a situation of confrontation? Answer- Everything will be resolved. Ganguly also has experience working directly and indirectly in the ICC. They know which issue to solve.


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