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Barcelona knows how to lose!

Barcelona had recently overwhelmed the powerful Liverpool in the Champions League. The team has confirmed the La Liga season this season with three matches. The group on the top of the season has forgotten the defeat at the rate. The Catalan did not have five or ten matches, but the last 23 games in the league were unbeaten. However, on Saturday night, Selta Vigo has landed them. Selta has lost 2-0 goals to Ernesto Valverd in their own field.

Barcelona on Saturday night rested eight players of Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, on Saturday night. In the fifth minute of the start of the match, when Uthman was left out of the field with the injury in Barcelona, ​​Barcelona became more vulnerable. The opportunity is fully utilized by the team at 14 points in the table. However, no team could score goals in the first half. The two teams have to break in the non-stop conditions.

In the fifth half of the second half, Barcelona sent a ball to the netting of the keeper, the Mexican player Neeto. However, with the help of VAr in the offside, the referee eventually did not score any goals. However, in the 67 minutes, the desired goals were seen in Selta Vigo. Maximiliano Gomez sent a ball to Barcelona in the right-wing shot to push the ball to the right-hander. The team, which went on one go, continued similar pressure on the Catalan even after the match.

In the 88th minute of the match, Samuel Ummetti's handball in the D-box, penalty penalty whistle referee. Yago Asapas scored a goal of a 2-0 margin against Celtic Vigo by scoring a cool kick from spot kick. Atletico Madrid lost 3-0 to Espanyol in the other match of the day. The team has two points in the list with 74 points and the team has two points. And with the risk of losing the Barcelona, ​​Salta Vigo has brightened the chances of staying in La Liga next season. After 36 matches, their points stood 40.

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