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Barcelona coach ‘problems’ in honey!


Barcelona will return to play on Sunday. Meanwhile, in the real Madrid camp, the hope of winning the La Liga title has started to revive. 

Barcelona: Kutinho thinks: 

In January, he had ankle injuries in Osmany in Damascus. As a result, the founding of Barcelona’s best XI was revealed to Philip Kutinehor. However, due to successive failure, he has put his long-term future in Barcelona into question. 

Eyde has become healthy now in dameley Now to see if he will be included in the main eleven of tomorrow’s match. Barcelona coach Arnesto Valverde praised Kuitinho’s risk of risk. Although there is little confidence in him. Analyzed the matter, the coach said that he (Kutinheo) still can not understand his responsibilities. 

Messi’s fitness: Lionel Messi has been dropped from the Bench at the Copa Classics draw against Real Madrid. In the next match, against the athletic Bilbao, when he was fielded for the main eleven, he had a fitness deficit.

Due to the rest of the week, the Argentine Superstar will be able to get rid of muscular problem in the thigh. But in the last match of the week, coach Valverde will also have to decide on this. Because Lion will face Barcelona in the last sixteen matches of the Champions League on Tuesday. 

Previous season, the team’s main players had to undergo criticism for having rested Barca Coach But at the same time, three draws drawn on one side and the revenge of the ongoing rival Real Madrid has made it difficult to make a decision. 

Jamme has been the top four fighters: 

LaVigar was the top of the list in November last year. But now they have to face the challenges of qualifying for next season’s Champions League. Several teams are now throwing their challenges. At present, Gayatie is two points behind Sevier. Those who have the second best defense of this event The team is only ahead of Alvares in the round table. Betis also think they are in the top four competition. Because the fourth placeholder in the list is behind the five-point gap with fourth place holders. Valencia is one point behind them.

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