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Bangladesh team escaped from a mosque near Hagley Park where there were active shooters. They ran back through the Hagley Park back to the Oval | Namaz had read the Bangladeshi cricketer, then the firing started in the mosque, saved the lives of cricketers

                            Sports desk Following the firing on Friday in Al-Noor and another mosque in Christchurch, the Bangladesh Cricket team's New Zealand tour has been canceled. The last Test match between the two countries was to be played in the same city from March 16. This information was given by the New Zealand Cricket Board on its Twitter account. Players say that they have never seen such a horrific appearance before. New Zealand's Prime Minister Jasidan Airdern described this incident as the darkest day in New Zealand's history. So far 40 people have been killed in the firing incident, while more than 20 people are seriously injured. However, all the players of Bangladesh cricket team are safe.

Namaz had read the Bangladeshi players

– Let me tell you that the last match of the three-match series was to be played in Christchurch from March 16 between Bangladesh and New Zealand. Bangladesh's tour of New Zealand was from 10 February to 20 March. The New Zealand Cricket Board has expressed its condolences to the families affected by this incident. The Board tweeted, "Both cricket boards have decided to cancel the Christchurch Test. Reiterate that both the teams and their support staff are safe.
– The firing took place around 1.45 pm, according to local time. Some members of Bangladesh team went to Al-Noor Masjid reading prayers with coaching staff. As soon as the players descended from the bus, they heard the bullets inside the mosque. They were going to go inside that many people ran away from the inside. Some people have died in front of the players. Within 10 minutes the players left for the hotel.
– Bangladesh cricketer Tamim Iqbal tweeted – The entire team is safe from the attackers. It's been a horrific experience. pray for us. The Bangladesh team spokesman said that the entire team is safe but all the players are mentally stressed.

The team was asked to stay at the hotel

According to ESPN Cricinfo, some members of the Bangladesh team were heading towards Mosque on Friday for prayers. His bus reached the mosque only, then this incident happened. Now the team has returned to their hotel.
– Bangladesh Cricket Board spokesman Jalal Yunus told the news agency that most of the members of the team were going to the mosque from the bus to read the afternoon prayer. They were about to go inside that only then this incident happened. However, they are all safe, but they are in deep shock. We have asked the team to stay inside the hotel. '

The assailant went live on Facebook

– According to the New Zealand Police, the attacker was an Australian teenager Brenton Trent (28). He started streaming live on Facebook even before entering the mosque. In the viral footage on social media, the attacker was seen entering the mosque and firing guns on people. However, Facebook and Twitter blocked the video after the incident.

After the firing, the attacker also talked about getting a gun back in his car and killing people easily. According to the reports, Brenton wrote a 37-page manifests with a dangerous motive. Brenton has Australian citizenship.

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