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Bangladesh-Pakistan match in rain

Bangladesh vs Pakistan preparatory match in Cardiff was abandoned due to rain. The match was scheduled to start on Sunday at 3:30 pm on Sunday. The local time was supposed to be won at 10 am, but before that it was called Tumul Rash, Cardiff. Due to rain, the match could not be tossed. After the scheduled time had passed, it stopped to stop. Finally, the match officials were forced to declare the match abandoned before making a ball in the field.

Before the match was rain forecast. Local Meteorological Department said that rain may strike in Bangladesh-Pakistan match. The forecast of the Meteorological Department has proven to be true with light rain since the morning of Cardiff. Although the speed of the tumble is less than the speed of the rain, it does not stop completely. At one stage, the rain stopped for a while, but the field was completely inappropriate. After a break, after the start of the rain, the last chance to start the match ends.

The match referee and picramate announced at the end of the match at 7pm. Due to abandonment, the two teams are deprived from the opportunity to take preparation for the preparation of preparatory matches, and the two teams are denied. Pakistan have earlier played a preparatory match against Afghanistan on Friday. But Sarfraz Ahmed's team lost in the match. The team will have to start the World Cup from 12 matches without losing the match because of today's abandonment against Bangladesh.

On the other hand, Bangladesh has another opportunity to prepare themselves. Tigers have a preparatory match against India, one of the favorites this May 28. The match will also be held in Cardiff's Sofia Gardens. Bangladesh will start the match at 3:30 pm. Virat Kohli's team faced New Zealand in their first warm-up match yesterday. But they lost to Williamson's team by six wickets.

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