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Bangladesh coach is giving challenge to Shakib!

May 27, 12:25 pm | Update: May 27, 2014, 14:12

Shakib Al Hasan, who has been battling for a long time, has returned to the field with the IPL. In the Indian Premier League, he did not get enough chance to play matches, and he kept a little behind. The fear is made about his preparation for the World Cup. But in the recently concluded tri-series series, Shakib has shown that he is not yet finished. Bat-ball rhythm has got back to the one-day internationals, losing his place of excellence. Bangladesh coach Steve Rhodes is challenging this performer before the World Cup. The coach believes that Shakib is the best, he has to prove with the World Cup that he has.

In the tri-nation series in Ireland, Shakib played a lot of role in Bangladesh's win in the three-match haul, with a half-century and a kipper. But he could not get out in the final match of the tournament due to a side strain injury. World all-rounder's return to ODIs, due to the great performances in three matches. Bangladesh coach Steve Rhodes is happy to achieve this achievement of Shakib. So, he wants Shakib Al Hasan to prove himself again with the World Cup.

"I think he has some evidence to prove," the coach told the media on Sunday. I think, he himself thinks like that. There were few matches in the IPL, maybe a little hide away. Now he has been one of the top-ranked all-rounders in the rankings, which we think is his place. Shakib, everyone has to prove that he thinks it.

Apart from this, the Tigers coach hopes that Shakib is fully fit in the upcoming World Cup. His belief, Shakib himself is also looking forward to a great World Cup gift. In the coach's words, 'Shakib is quite ready to give a great world cup gift. He is in a good condition. He did not get the chance to play in the IPL, he was given the opportunity to work with fitness. There was some problem in Ireland. But now he has not been able to take part in the World Cup. Shakib is looking forward to spending a great World Cup.

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