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Ayaz Memon's Says: whom to choose from in game spirit and rule | Choose whom to choose from in game spirit and rule

    March 31, 2019, 07:58 AM IST
Two controversies in the first week of the IPL have plagued the thrill of the tournament.
The controversy over Ashwin's run-out in the match, criticism of the decision not to be given to Umpire Sundaram Ravi's no-ball

In the first week of the IPL, only some of the finest performances can be seen. There were exciting matches too. But the two disputes were overwhelming at all. Such disputes, which forced the debate from cricket fans to governing body. The first debate – Ravichandran Ashwin's Jos Butler started with manking. Asked whether Ashwin, who is also the captain of the team, should have done this by going against the game spirit?

The second controversy arose when the umpire did not make the last ball of the match a no ball in the match of the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) vs Mumbai Indians. While the bowler was far ahead of Lasith Malinga's foot line. The umpires will not be able to see it. RCB had to score 7 runs on that last ball. No ball could cause big difference.

Here it is necessary to understand why such disputes arise. Ashwin-Butler take the example of the episode. Manding here was right according to the rules of the International Cricket Council (ICC), but it is considered to be contrary to the game spirit. When such screw is frozen between the rules and the game spirit, then the problem arises. The rule says that if the non-striker end batsman also leaves the crease, he can be run-out. The game spirit says that there must be a warning before being dismissed in such a manner.

Considering the continuous attitude of non-striker end-breakers, MCC made some amendments in the rules in 2017. The first rule was that the bowler could run the batsman before the ball left the position before leaving the ball. After the amendment it was decided that the non-striker could run the batsman out at any time till the bowler left the ball.

Now the question is, if the situation becomes a player then choose the rules or the game spirit? I think choosing a sports spirit can once be a player's voluntary decision. But in the rules, no one can do anything. In this sense, the rules are above the game spirit. At the same time, the opinion of all people on the no ball controversy is that if the umpire had a slight doubt, why did not he ask for help from the TV umpire?

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