Ayaz Memon says: This time our bowlers did not let Lower Batsman Bowlers did not allow the lower order to run this time - Online Betting Guides
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Ayaz Memon says: This time our bowlers did not let Lower Batsman Bowlers did not allow the lower order to run this time

    Ayaz Memon Apr 11, 2019, 04:57 PM IST

Our bowlers performed well in the current series
India lost in nine Tests played abroad, but there was no shortage from bowlers

In the first hour of the second day of the second day of the Perth Test when Tim Paine and Pat Cummins reached Australia by 300 runs, Team India lost the opportunity to meet the new ball, because in the last few matches the lower-order batsmen Too much trouble. However, this time Leone, Stark, Hejelwood and Cummins have not been successful in doing this.

This time our bowlers were performing well in overseas

There are two reasons to doubt Indian bowling. The first team India has been troubled by the opposition's lower-order batsmen many times. It has been happening for many years. Failure on the second round of the other bowlers. Especially the fast bowler.

However, at present, our bowlers have performed well outside the country, not only in the country. This year, the Indian team has played 12 Tests (till the Adelaide match) so far. It has won six matches. It is not possible without good bowling.

In nine matches played out of the country, we have lost six matches. However, our bowling has been great. The team has also eliminated the opposition team twice in seven out of nine matches. Our bowlers jumped 60 wickets in three matches played in South Africa.

Bowlers hit 20 wickets in the first Test of the current series played in Adelaide. In England, even though we lost the series 1-4, the bowlers did spectacularly while 85 wickets in 100 shocks. Overall, this year, our bowlers have jumped 225 wickets in 240 tests.

This is a very great strike rate. It is even better that the fast bowlers in 184 wickets shocked. It was impossible to think of it three to four years ago. Now in Australia, they expect similar performance from them.

Before the Perth Test, Mohammed Shami has hit most 38 wickets in 2018. Jaspreet Bumrah scored 34, Ishant Sharma 33, Umesh Yadav 18, Hardik Pandya 13 and Bhuvneshwar Kumar 10 wickets. Three fast bowlers Ishant, Shami and Bumrah are our main bowlers.

Bumrah started Test career this year against South Africa. He is one of the world's big bowlers today. His strange action, excellent control and swing on both sides of the wicket is his strength.

Today the best thing for Team India is that we have 6-7 good fast bowlers at the present time. Kapil Dev was the best fast bowler in the country. But on rare occasions outside the country he got the support of other bowlers.

This year, the Indian team has given more victory to the bowlers. Our bowlers have performed well in the current series. If the batsmen did well in this match they would add a new chapter in the history of Indian cricket.


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