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Ayaz Memon: Prithvi Shaw has to show mental strength | Earth Shaw will show mental strength after the start of the spectacular

    Ayaz Memon Apr 11, 2019, 05:01 PM IST
Shaw comes from Mumbai, so compare to Tendulkar is Lajmi
In every aspect, he reminds the young Tendulkar of the earth

Sports desk On the Test debut, Shaw's century of the earth proved true for all openings for an opening batsman. This century gave birth to new hope and new aspiration in Indian cricket. The 18-year-old Shaw has shown a fantastic game with the first ball. He was greatly appreciated and the comparison started. The team's chief coach, Ravi Shastri, also tweeted after Shaw's innings which reflects the sentiments of the cricket pundits to the fan. He wrote that in Shaw's innings he got a glimpse of Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar.

Comparison with Tendulkar is compelling, because Shaw also comes from Mumbai. They are also short-lived like Sachin and have been in headlines from school cricket. In the Harris Shield cricket in 2016, he played a remarkable innings of 546. Like Sachin, Shaw also scored a century on debut in Ranji Trophy and Duleep Trophy.

Shaw: Tendulkar and Shaw do not compare on the basis of figures only on the basis of the figures. The kind of confidence that Shaw showed at such a young age was a bigger basis for comparison. Seeing Shaw like Sachin also, he seems to be made to be a cricketer. In every aspect, they remind the young Tendulkar. Seeing him in Rajkot, he did not think he was playing his first Test match.

Sehwag is also compared to comparison: Shaw is also being compared to Sehwag by aggressive batting. Sehwag, with his fast pace batting, gave India victory in many matches. Shaw's batting looks like some bravery. Shaw was also told that his flaws will be exposed soon and the bowler will find a cut. However, Shaw has batted so far in the same way that he enjoys it. While doing so, they are also successful. For this, he got Sachin's companionship too.

Sehwag had complained: Sachin had asked him to play his natural game and sidestep the rest of the other advice. Sehwag's opinion will not be different from Tendulkar. After Shaw's century, Sehwag tweeted that it's just the beginning. The boy has a lot of breath Such praise and comparisons with the veterans have put on Shaw's responsibility to live up to the expectations he has risen.

The bowlers will find cut: After the debut test century, expectations have increased a lot. However, it has to be acknowledged that it was not possible to get a weak attack from the West Indies. Worldwide, bowlers, captains and coaches get alert immediately after coming in front of a new star. The exchange of information and the video immediately starts searching for a cut. The analysis of Shaw's batting has definitely begun. In such a situation, it is important to talk to fellow, captain, coach, family and friend Shaw. Even more important is how the player responds according to the new circumstances.

There must be a strong mentality: There are many instances where young players have failed to take the burden of fame, wealth, expectations. The great players have the advantage that they never play loose in their approach to the game. They insist on learning something new each day. Youth Shaw's career has got a great start. But, now they have to show the ability to upgrade themselves along with mental strength so that they can prove themselves as Sehwag and Tendulkar.

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