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Ayaz Memon Analysis on Ipl 2019 match delay | Many IPL matches are delayed, it will have to make stringent rules to stop it.

    … 07, 2019, 07:30 AM IST
Franchises, broadcasters, State associations are affected by delay in match
The stakeholders can raise the delayed costs, but this will not be correct

Sports desk Many matches of the IPL season are delayed. Something takes 40 to 45 minutes more. There are many stakeholders in big tournaments like IPL. Such as Franchisees, Broadcasters, State Associations and others. All are delayed by delay. Due to this the cost increases. Take Floodlight like. If it is to burn one hour more in one match then the cost of electricity increases by 20 percent.

The only way to manage it is to raise this extra expense on the stakeholders, but it will not be right. It can be damaged. Like the IPL tickets are not cheap. It will not be good to increase the price.

T-20 came after boring one-day match
In the 1950-60s, due to a draw result in Test cricket the viewers were far from the game. For this reason the organizers had to bring a new format one-day. The result was compulsory. T20 has to be brought in this century as ODIs also got boring. I saw a young couple walking out of the match with two children in a match last week, because the match went ahead of the scheduled time. When I asked him, he said that the children were asleep. Due to the delay of one hour, he was confused about going to school. On seeing the next match, he said that we have to think about it.

Players do not care for themselves time
IPL is played in most of the time vacation season in the country. Even after this, the BCCI and the franchisee teams can not ignore it. What are the reasons for the delay in match? Some of them can not be stopped. Like if the floodlight suddenly stops or the match goes in super over. Many times the players themselves do not care about time. Slow-over rate is a curse for the game. Captains and bowlers often talk more about fielding, which makes spending more time. Time is important in the T20 format. Captains and players do not pay attention to this, because the penalty is not high.

Caribbean Premier League rules adopt IPL
Former Australian player Tom Moody says that the IPL should adopt the rules of the Caribbean Premier League, where there is an impact on the run-rate of the team over slow over Rain. This is a good suggestion, because it directly affects the team's prospects. I go ahead and say that this should be both a law and a penalty. There can be many ways to prevent delays in the match. We should do the same, which has the most effect.

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