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Australian Graham Reid appointment as Indian men's national team chief coach Australia's Graham Red becomes the coach of the Indian team;

Australia's team has won the Champions Trophy twice in Red's coaching
The first challenge before Red is next month's team visit to India.

Sports desk The Indian men's hockey team got the coach after 4 months. Graham Red, former Australian player, has been appointed coach of the team. Harendra Singh was removed in December last year. Since then the team did not have a coach. Red's tenure will be till the end of next year. However, it can also be extended depending on the performance.

'Honoring me as coach of Indian men's hockey team'

"It is a matter of honor for me to be the coach of the Indian men's hockey team," said Red, adding that the history of any other country in this game is not like this that could compare India. India is the most exciting and aggressive country playing in hockey. I like fast and attacking hockey, it comes from almost Australian style. "

In Red's coaching, Australia's team has won the Champions Trophy twice. In his coaching, the Australian team won Commonwealth Wealth 2014 World League in 2015. At the same time, Rio Olympics could not make a place in the top four in 2016. After this he resigned.

Red 1982 was a member of the silver medal at the Barcelona Olympics and Australian team winning the Champions Trophy in 1984, 1985, 1989 and 1990. As the Indian coach, the first challenge to Red is the team visit of Team India next month. The FIH Men's Series finals will be played in Bhubaneswar in June.


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