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Atletico Madrid Coach Diego Simeone earn highest salary in football | 5 of England's most successful football coach in the world

At the top of Atletico's top; He pays Rs 320 crore annually Meet
3 coaches have no club, with 240 million United's Mourinho number 1 in England

London. The coach of the football club who has 10 most salary in the world has 5 England At the same time, coaches of three Spanish clubs are also included in this list. Spain's Atletico Madrid's Diego Simon is the highest paid salary coach in Madrid. They get Rs 320 crore annually However, out of these 10 coaches, there are 3 coaches which are not currently coaching to any club. Meanwhile, all clubs in the English Premier League have spent just Rs 2340 crores on agents.

Liverpool is at the top when the expenditure on clubs' agents is seen. It has spent Rs 388 crores. At the same time, Tottenham Hotspur Club is the club's most profitable club this year. It has a profit of Rs 1020 crore.

Mourinho's contract was 240 crores
Simon has contracted atletico from 2022. However, they are coaches on the second and third slots, which were removed by their club. Yet they got the full amount of contract. Manchester United's former coach Jose Mourinho is second and former Monaco coach Thierre Henri is at number three. In the case of the Mourinho contract, the English Premier League (EPL) is number one. Their contract costing Rs 240 crore Was of

198 crore for three years from Henry Was contracted in
The French club Monaco has sold Rs 198 crore for three years from Thierry Henry. Had contracted in, but they were removed within three months only. Arsene Wenger of English Club Arsenal was coach for 22 years. His contract was 65 crores rupees. But he left the club last year. Papa Guardiola of Manchester City, Mauritio Pocchetino of Tottenham Hotspur and English coach in Liverpool's Jürgen Klope Top-10.

Tottenham earns profits even after building 9,000-crore stadium
Tottenham has gained 1020 crores in 2017-18 The club has also constructed a new stadium of 9 thousand crores. Yet the club was the most profitable club. He had liverpool Rs 950 crore last time. Left behind the profits of Tottenham's earnings increased from Rs. 2410 crores to 2950 crores.

EPL clubs spend Rs 440 crores more on agents than last year
EPL clubs spent Rs 2340 crores on agents in 2018-19. This is more than 440 crores more than the previous season. At the same time, Liverpool, the top club in EPL, spent 388 million on agents. Chelsea is second with 234 million rupees and Manchester City is at number three with 216 million rupees.

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