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Asif will miss the World Cup

21 May 2015, 12:13 | Update: 21 May 2015, 12:19

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Asif batted against England with his bat. At the same time, her 19-month-old little girl was fighting with cancer in a New York hospital. The child could not Asif Ali got the news of the death of the girl after returning to the pavilion.

There is doubt in the incident that Asif's presence in Pakistan's World Cup team. Inzamam-ul-Haq, opener opener Abid Ali, left the main middle-order batsman in the squad. But his hopes, Asif will join the team before the World Cup. He will wait for him. It is learned that Asif has given green signal to the team.

Just days after losing the girl, Asif Ali got the place in Pakistan's final World Cup squad. The England batsman, who is not included in the 15-member primary squad for the World Cup, got a chance to replace the formidable form in the recently concluded series in the changed World Cup squad. The opener Abid Ali was truncated from the World Cup team to make him a place.

But the girl is already losing Asif Ali will play the World Cup? How much will be possible for him to spend time mourning in field cricket? But in the press conference in Lahore on the World Cup, Pakistan's chief selector and former leg-spinner Inzamam-ul-Haq expressed hope that Asif will join the team before the World Cup. Injam said that the right-hander will be waiting for the last moment for this batsman. "In the preparatory games for the World Cup before the World Cup, we want to get a full strength team. Asif will be joining the team before the preparation match. If preparations can not join the team before the match, then we will wait. He will join whenever he wants. '

Although the World Cup is not in the primary squad, the chief selector Inzamam-ul-Haq has also explained the decision to take Asif Ali to the final squad at the last moment. Inzamam said that the decision to abstain Abid Ali was very difficult. But in position 6-7, we needed a power heater. Asif has done great performances in the series against England. So we need him in the World Cup. "

Pakistan faced the last match of the five-match ODI series against England at Headingley on Sunday. Shoaib Malik was the fifth batsman to score 189 runs as the seventh batsman came in as a batsman, Asif Ali. In the previous two matches, Marcuet scored two half-centuries in an innings, the right-hander was dismissed as the eighth batsman to score 22 runs from 17 balls. Pakistan lost the match by 54 runs He got a terrible bad news at the end of the match.

The 27-year-old batsman, who traveled to the United States on the news of losing the match, lost to the United States. Many of the people are sorry to hear the loss of the Pakistani middle-order batsman's daughter. In addition to his franchise team Islamabad United in PSL, teammates comforted. Even Pakistan's Prime Minister and World Cup Captain Imran Khan tweeted and conveyed sympathy to Asif and his family.

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