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Analysis of Ayaz Menon, Dhoni will have improved performance Dhoni, not feeling emotional

    Ayaz Memon Apr 11, 2019, 05:00 PM IST
Dhoni's last tournament can be 2019 World Cup
Dhoni's batting form has not been good for last two years

Sports desk The decisions taken by the Indian selectors on Friday are two important ones. Mahendra Singh Dhoni not to be selected for the Twenty20 series against West Indies and Australia and the second to return to Rohit Sharma's Test team. Dhoni had never been out of the team before this. Right, Rohit Sharma has probably been given the last chance to be established in the Test team.

Dhoni's extermination ends an era
Choosing Dhoni not to be the most decided decision in both of these. He gave India victory in the first World T20. They were the best in India for many years in this format. Their exit is the end of an era. Recently some players had cited communicating with the selectors on their exclusion. I do not think there will be something like this in Dhoni's case. Dhoni is a big celebrity not only in India but also in world cricket. It does not seem that such a decision has not been talked to before.

Dhoni hopes to play in 2020 T20 World Cup
Dhoni's selection in the T20 team is clearly indicating that he will say goodbye to the game. There is a complete possibility that the 2019 World Cup to be held in England is their last tournament. The T20 World Cup is one year later. Then Dhoni will be around 40 years old and by then he is unlikely to play. So if he was still in the T20 team then this format could have been late to find a wicketkeeper batsman for the World Cup. This will help Rishabh Pant to make his role.

Dhoni will focus on World Cup
Due to not being part of the T20 team, Dhoni will be able to focus on ODIs and the next World Cup. Dhoni's role as a player, mentor and senior in this tournament will be very important. He is the most experienced player of the team. Their record is still excellent. He has titles like World Cup (2011) and Champions Trophy (2013) in his account. However, despite the drop in them, there is also some uncertainty before the World Cup.

His batting form has not been good for the last two years. If needed, they are able to finish very little matches on their own. Dhoni was the first to be the best match finisher. In such a situation, the question arises whether a sharp fall in Dhoni's performance may not start affecting the prospects of the team. However, it is too early to reach this conclusion.

Dhoni best behind wicket
Dhoni is still the best option behind the wicket. Now that Pant and the other players are ready to take the role of Finisher, Virat is ready to give Dhoni another role in the batting order. It is good for both team and Dhoni. However, in spite of this, Dhoni would have to make enough runs, which kept on increasing the team's prospects. They have to get form and rhythm soon.

Now, there are only 15 ODIs left before the World Cup. In such a situation, Dhoni needs to fix his place on the basis of performance and not only on the emotions.

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