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Afghan youth in talks to make grass world cup!

Afghanistan is going to play this year's World Cup with a team of young and experienced players. The new member country in Test Arena may also surprise. It is difficult to say how the team is going to be in the upcoming World Cup, but the fans' interest in cricket is increasing but the interest of the fans is not decreasing. Such evidence is mixed in recent times. An Afghan cricket fan shocked the world by making grass trophy.

Before the World Cup, which gave a storm to social media. The viral image is shared from the official Twitter account of the World Cup.

The war-ravaged poor country has not been long in international cricket. But in the meantime Mohammad Nabi, Ahmed Shehzad, Rashid Khan have won the hearts of viewers. Rashid Khan has become a star. Besides, Zaheer Khan and Mujib Zardan are doing well.

Afghanistan has recently won Test status. The country of Pakistan-India, Pakistan is coming very fast.

But not for the game, an Afghan supporter has come up with a new discussion before the World Cup. The World Cup official Twitter page has written about him, "The grasshopper World Cup trophy has been made very well in Afghanistan. It would be nice to find out who has created the trophy. "The ICC also said that officials are looking forward to meeting Afghan supporters.

The name of Kabul's cricket fan is Sharaf Naib. Many who make the name of the Afghan captain Gulabdin Nive, many people make mistakes.

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