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A new history of European football

The UEFA Champions League is held in Europe's best clubs. Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur will face the finals of the Champions League this season on June 1. The Champions League and Europa League are considered as the top two competitions in European club football. In terms of dignity, the Europa League is next after the Champions League. Arsenal stormed into the final of the Europa League semi-finals on Thursday night. Chelsea, on the other hand, went on to win the final of the Finch Einterkhat. Along with this, the history of Europe's top two leagues is rewritten.

For the first time, four English clubs will compete in the two best European Cup finals. In the club level, these two top leagues have never been in the final before the four clubs of a country. Liverpool beat Barcelona 4-0 in the Champions League on Sunday night, unbeatenly, after losing 3-0 in the first leg. On the very next day, in the dramatic one-night match, the Aix scores 3 goals in the Champions League final, and another English club Tottenham Hotspur So this year's competition in Europe's biggest club level is the 'All-English Final'.

On Thursday night, in the Europa League semi-finals, the English team Arsenal and Spanish club Valencia faced the second leg. Arsenal were ahead in the first leg by winning 3-1 in the Emirates Cricket Stadium stadium. Valencia went ahead in the 11th minute of the match in the second leg of the home ground by Kevin Gamiero. But six minutes later, the pair of Pierre-Emeric Abamayang opened the parity of the ganara. Gaméiro scored again in the second half of the match for Valencia. However, Arsenal left the field with a hat-trick of Pierre-americ Abamayang and Alexandre Laikajetta's 4-2 win. The two-legged 7-3 win wins the final in the English club.

Chelsea scored a field goal in the final match at Stamford Bridge with a 1-1 draw against Einterkhat. Chelsea went on to win the match in the 28th minute by Rubin Chik. However, Luka Jovich scored the equalizer in the 49th minute to return to Einterkhat. Draw two to two goals and draw the game in penalties. Chelsea won the penalty by winning 4-3 goals in penalties. It is the first time in the history of the 'All England Final' in Europe's top two club competitions.

Arsenal and Chelsea will face Europa League final on May 30.

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