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A joke about the prospects of Bangladesh's World Cup, Akash Chopra's answer

May 19, 2015, 15:43 | Update: May 19, 2009, 16:51

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England World Cup starting May 30 In the World Cup, the name of the name of England, the name of the name of the Robin League, and some others are kept in Virat Kohli's list of favorites. In the list of many, the last-season champions Australia After the group stage of 10 teams this year, the best four teams will play directly in the semi-finals. The discussion is going to be the fourth team, who will play the semi-final as well as the three teams, that is why there is a lot of discussion in the cricket world.

Former India opener Akash Chopra is now one of the popular face of cricket commentary. In this year's World Cup, some teams are favorites, they have analyzed themselves through social communication. In his own analysis, Chopra made Bangladesh the fourth team to head the World Cup in the semi-finals. In his own analysis, the former opener said, "India, Australia, England- the best three teams in my eyes. Bangladesh will be a little ahead of my eyes at number four. New Zealand, South Africa and Pakistan will also be fighting for the number four spot in the semi-finals. But Pallata is a bit heavy on Bangladesh.

But after Akash Chopra's remarks, many people mocked about Bangladesh. Many Pakistanis have joked about Bangladesh's prospects in the World Cup. Commenting on Chopra's analysis, Munib Lali wrote, "How much joke, Bangladesh or the World Cup semi-final will play!"

# CWC2019: They bowed out in the quarter-finals in 2015 and they made the Asia Cup final last year.Bangladesh is a team that should not be under-estimate. How can they do in England? Who'll be their key players? That and more in today's #AakashVani pic.twitter.com/ZmMv0LUb8W
– Aakash Chopra (@cricaakash) May 19, 2019

However, Akash Chopra did not tolerate the mood of Mashrafe's team in this year's World Cup. The commentator of the Indian commentator said that Munib has responded. Advising the supporters of Pakistan to give respect to the Bangladesh team, the former batsman wrote, 'I am telling everyone, we should not be laughing at Bangladesh. They also reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup in Australia. Last year's Asia Cup final was also held. What was Pakistan's position in these two rooms? Learn to respect others. There is much love from India. '

You, of all people, should not be laughing at Bangladesh They reached the quarter finals in Aus too. And reached the finals of Asia Cup last year. Where did the finish in both events? Let's learn to respect others … lots of love from India https://t.co/7U80FheKWh
– Aakash Chopra (@cricaakash) May 19, 2019


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