2019 Cricket World Cup: Virat Kohli on the round robin format After 27 years, in the round robin format, it is considered as challenging as Captain Kohli. - Online Betting Guides
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2019 Cricket World Cup: Virat Kohli on the round robin format After 27 years, in the round robin format, it is considered as challenging as Captain Kohli.

Earlier this tournament was played in 1992.
Then Pakistan became champion, India could not make it to the last-4 place
In this format all 10 teams have to play against each other

Sports desk Practice matches of ODI World Cup have started. India is today to have a practice match from New Zealand in London. Main matches will be played from May 30. This time the format of the tournament is round robin and knockout. Tournaments will be played in this format for the second time in the 44-year history of the World Cup. It was earlier played in 1992 in the World Cup Round Robin format. Then the Indian team could not reach the semi-finals. Indian captain Virat Kohli believes that due to changing the format, it will be the most challenging tournament so far.

According to Kohli, 'looking at the format of the tournament, it will definitely be the most challenging World Cup so far. If you look at all the participating teams, they are very close to each other. Even a team like Afghanistan has made a lot of progress since 2015. In such a situation, it is necessary to play with their full potential in every match. This is a different kind of challenge, so that everyone has to be reconciled. '

Compared to the group stage in IPL, this format was played
In round robin format, all the teams participating in the tournament play against each other. In the recently concluded Indian Premier League, the playoffs were played only in the round robin format than before. This time 10 teams are participating in the World Cup. In this case all the teams will have to play 9-9 matches. If you win each match, you will get a certain number of points. In this way the top-4 teams will make the semi-finals.

After that the knockout round will start, i.e. losing a match will be eliminated from the team's title. In the points table, the number of teams in the number-1 will be from number-4, whereas number -2 and number-3 will be contested. The winners of both the matches will play the final.

Benefits of Round Robin Format

There is a strong competition between all the participating teams in the tournament.
Until all the matches in the league are over, it is difficult to say which teams will reach in the knockout, so the tournament remains adventurous till the end.
Better team always remains in the title race. There is no scope for 'Group of Death'.

Loss of round robin format

Due to having more matches, the tournament gets taller, so the result comes late.
Challenge to fitness for the players from fitness to retaining form increases.
More grounds and match officials have to be used.

World Cup matches played in most 8 times Group Stage and Knockout formats

From when to when

From 1975 to 1987
Group Stage & Knockout

Round robin and knockout

Group Stage & Knockout

From 1999 to 2003
Group Stage and Super Six

From 2007 to 2015
Group Stage & Knockout

2019 *
Round robin and knockout

* Tournament is to be done now

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