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How To Bet On Football


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This article has been designed to give even the most novice football bettor a look into the different aspects of football betting. The focus of this article is how to bet on football.

Football is one of the most trendy sports in most of the country that generates billions of dollars in revenue every year. Understanding the different ways to bet on football is essential for anybody searching this new fun. Sober fans capitalize on their knowledge through betting on football. It’s necessary to know the basic strategy of football betting before challenging your hard-earned cash on a sport. If you want to learn how to bet on football, follow the guidelines mentioned below.

How To Bet On Football

There are thousands of online betting sites. If you like to go this track, select a well-known, popular website with a popularity for high quality services. Avoid choosing anconfusing site with suspect authorizations, because it may be hard or sometimes not possible to get your hard-earned money back if you face an online betting scam.

Rule One:

Before placing a bet on football, the first Rule is to learn various types of football bets. There is a wide array of football bets to select from, ranging from straight to proposition bets. Different types of football bets are spread, money line, over/ under, parlays and teasers, proposition, etc. If you can’t decide and in doubt, make a straight bet. A straight bet is very common in sports betting.

Rule Two:

Learn the fundamental statistics in football betting. There are a number of websites that provide detailed information on every Rule of the sports. Although football fans focus on touchdowns and completion percentages, sincere bettors concentrate on the data that has a great impact on the results of the sport. The serious bettors focus on average yards per attempt, first-half scoring trends, negative pass-play percentage, turnover ratio and so on.

Rule Three:

Stay up to date on rising trends. Serious football bettors think of a variety of factors before placing a bet. Professional bettors are seriously aware of personnel changes, player injuries as well as weather forecasts.

Rule Four:

Place the bet in a renowned casino. The most secure way to bet on a football is usually to go to the casino that provides sports betting. Public casino’s betting opportunities are licensed and above board, as these casinos are operating in cooperation with the government. Look at the casino’s website before you plan to bet on football. If you don’t have the opportunity to place bets in an authorized casino, you may go to the semi-legal casino or informal pool. These are safer than other options.

How To Bet On Football

Rule Five:

Place your bet on football with a bookie after a thorough consideration. In case offootball betting, it is not a wise option to make an illegal and informal stake with a bookie.

Rule Six:

There is no certain formula that can ensure you which team will be the winner. When your hard-earned money in on the bet, use your knowledge, don’t follow other’s information. Consider the two team statistics. It’ll provide you a goodconcept of which team is going to win. Take into account the below stats:

Total Offense:  A powerful offense is one of the positive indicators of win.  The team having high score has a possibility to win.

Total defense: Pay attention to the strong defenses. Under the favorable circumstances, they may defeat powerful offenses.

Passing/ rushing stats:  Know the defensive and offensive strengths of both teams. It’ll help you to predict the result of the game.

Rule Seven:

When you’re not sure about the teams or results, place a bet for apowerful quarterback. Usually, the recent rule favors quarterbacks and exert pressure on the defense. For this reason, teams having good quarterbacks have greater scope than usual.

Rule Eight:

Pay attention to the team schedule. A well-timed schedule helps a team to understand the tournament. On the other hand, a difficult schedule can make the sport very imposing for a powerful team.

How To Bet On Football

Rule Nine:

Consider the repeat performances. Although there is no formula, teams that perform the best during first season, have a risk to do the worse next season. This is due to the various factors including off-season and fatigue. If your favored team win this season, you should think again to bet on this team for the following season.

Rule Ten:

Avoid taking a risk on your bankroll. This is applicable for all types of betting. It doesn’t matter how confident you are about your stake, there is ever a possibility that you may lose. Hence, avoid betting the amount tha youthink you can’t afford.

A fruitful guideline is to consider betting as something to bet only with your “extra” cash. That means, once your financial obligations are met, all your household bills are paid off, you’ve estimated your living expenses, then you can spend your extra money for betting.

The professional football bettors can realize the inherent volatility of the match and hence, manage their bankroll wisely. They never risk a large portion of their bankroll on any single match. Professional gamblers try to make a profit on the long haul through capitalizing on their understanding and insights into each contest. It’s wise to take risk only 2% of your total bankroll each week.


Whether you’re new in football betting or an experienced football punter, our article on how to bet on football will definitely be helpful to you. Our guidelines will help you to make a profit or at least limit your losses.

Never forget to have fun when you’re betting on football or any sports. If you take it more seriously, you won’t be able to get anything out of the experience.

Good luck!