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Betting Tips


Welcome to our article on betting tips.

Whether you’re new to betting the world and want to make a profit, or you’re an experienced bettor who is making a daily profit, then this article will be helpful to you.  In our article on betting tips, we’ve discussed the basic tips as well as the advanced tips.


Betting Tips

If you like to learn to limit losses or how to make profits- here are a few basic betting tips that you can practice to make sure that your betting doesn’t get out of hand.

If you don’t completely understand the directions or what you’re betting on, there is a risk you end up losing money. Here are a few basic tips to assist you to turn the best predicting into good betting.

TIPS ONE: Avoid betting what you can’t stand to lose

TIPS TWO: Don’t be too cleaver and don’t just try

TIPS THREE: Bet on what you know

TIPS FOUR: Beware “hot insider tips”

TIPS FIVE: Have fun!

TIPS ONE: Avoid Betting What You Can’t Stand To Lose

This is a very simple tip to realize, but very stiff to stick for the most gamblers. In general, eachbettor who has to knock a losing streak or a winning streak has dropped into the ploy and betting away the amount they couldn’t stand to lose. Avoid doing this.

If you’re winning, it’s very obvious to drop into the ploy that bigger stakes won’t hurt. On the other hand, if you’re losing, you may think to put a little more effort on this confidence that you can get your cash back.

It’s a trap as well as a gambler’s curse. Lose or win- both may lead you to mischance in the long run.

If you want much enjoyment as well as the best gambling experience, the safest way is to figure out how much amount you can stand to lose before you begin.

Before placing a bet, think a moment how you’ll feel if you lose. If it makes you feel suffering, avoid placing the bet.

TIPS TWO: Don’t Be Too Cleaver And Don’t Just Try

Betting Tips

If you don’t know how to exactly place a bet or what a Dundee Shuffle is, you shouldn’t even attempt to invest your hard-earned money. Otherwise, you’ll certainly end up disappointed. First, try a single bet. Remember, a small amount of profit is better than any sized loss.

Before heading to a bet-

  • Learn how to place a bet
  • Learn how the odds work
  • Learn how hard it is to select one winner
  • Learn and enjoy the pleasure that collecting the “payout” gives you

A very simple as well as a cheap way to learn to bet without making big mistakes is to read articles/ books on betting. Read and learn. You can also visit the local library.

TIPS THREE: Bet On About What You Have Knowledge

It’s actually difficult enough to figure out which team will win a match by betting on an event if you know nothing about the match or teams. Avoid placing a bet on a large amount of money without having enough knowledge of the match or team.

Do the research and learn more about your bets.

TIPS FOUR: Beware “Hot Insider Tips”

There are a number of people who will provide you various information. It may be through websites who claim that they have the best formula to win the bet. If these websites charge you for providing you information to help you, avoid paying for advice.  Depending on their information, don’t think that you can make a fortune. Keep it in mind that nothing is 100% certain. Never follow any advice without knowing much. It is your hard-earned money and it’s your decision. You’re the best to develop your own tips and betting what you can stand for.

TIPS FIVE: Have Fun!

When you’re betting, don’t forget to have fun. Enjoy your experience. You don’t need to take it more seriously.


Do you like to make a profit from betting, eh?

If you’re in this section of our article, hopefully, you’ve learned the basics of placing a bet.

If you have got a little experience on betting or making a minor profit, our advanced tips may be helpful to you to take you next stage. Although these advanced tips won’t give a guarantee for your winning, these will certainly provide you the strategy to win and be a successful punter.

Be careful when placing a bit and avoid betting that you can’t afford to lose. You need to be a very good gambler if you want to consistently make a profit. Because these rooms have mathematical calculation and bookies claim a calculation on prices.

We assume here that you already do the following:

  • You’ve accessed the bet statistics
  • You’ve kept a betting log of all bets- with details for at least 50 bets.
Betting Tips

Let’s see if we can suggest you a more ways of looking at the bets differently.

Tips One: Always Bet With “Value”

What is a “value”?

When you think that the bookmaker’s odds are at a level that the reward exceeds the risk, simply put it. Check whether a bet is a value all you have, do the following:

  • Evaluate the winning chance of a side
  • Get the perfect decimal price for the bet.
  • Multiply the percentage chance of winning against the odds.
  • Any result of 1.00 or greater means that you have value!
  • Before placing a bet, don’t forget to calculate your winning chance.

Sometimes you’ll find that the odds are being offered first, but never place your bet until you check the stats and make sure that you can statistically figure out the winning chance.

Usually calculating a winning chance isn’t so easy and you need to figure out your own methods.

Tips Two: Home and Away Form

If you consider betting on a football match, normally, it’s true for all professional leagues that half of all games end in home wins, quarter end in draws, and the rest games are away won. In order to calculate the chances of a result, it’s wise to look at the previous match results.

A common method of forecasting is to look at the previous match results during the current season – and perhaps last season too – in order to estimate the chances of a result.

By cross referencing the “ home form” with the “away form” you can assume the rough guide to the match. Indeed, it’s not so easy. If it’s that easy to pick results, bookies would be going out of the business as bettors can skillfully choose the great offers and win always.

Tips Three: Other Forms Of Factors

Recent Form

It’s a popular way to look at current form than long form. If you plan to bet on a football match, then the concept is that a team which has recently won the match, must have more confidence and possibly has regained from injury woes. On the other hand, the losing team lacks the match required to get a result.

Although it’s true, the other factors emerge. If a mid-table side is in a bad or good run, it’s not surprising that this average side will turn it around.

Absence/ Injuries

Remember, absence or injuries may affect the match greatly. To say, in a football match, some players are more important than the others in a team. Usually, defensive players have more impact on a match than those of attack.

Injuries and absences can also have a big impact on a side. But some players are more important than others and generally defense matters more than attack. Central defenders and goalkeepers are the key players to win a match.

Betting Tips


Well, you can do all of these in a spreadsheet because it’s really hard to quantify all the tips listed above. But a form guide or spreadsheet and a few calculations on a paper will give you some basic strategies that you can change based on the other issue.

Consider your betting log. Is the side that you think to win, 80% of the time really winning 80%? Or are you most of the time losing on long shot bets?

Your own betting log will show you where you require improving. It’s possible to improve a system that gets within 5% to 10% of a reasonable estimate.


Understand the inherent volatility of the bet and therefore, never risk a large portion of your bankroll on any single contest.  Capitalize your experience, try to grind out profits over the long haul and insights into all game.

Follow the basic as well as the advanced betting tips to be a profitable bettor.

Keep it in mind that there is no magic formula to win a bet. In order to select the best bets, you require experience, knowledge and an extensive understanding of the game. Our tips are only your guidelines and aids.

Good luck with your betting!