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Top Betting Sites

Want to take a big chance at a prominent online casino game, a bet on Saturday’s mega match or like a flutter on the horses?

Looking for top betting sites to betting your hard earned money?

Whether you love betting once a year on the Grand National or it’s your interest to pick the winners every week, it’s essential you choose reliable betting sites to trust with your stakes.

Here we’ve brought you the trustworthy guide to the Online top betting sites in 2017.


Online betting sites are available for anyone who wish to place bets. You just need to choose how and what you like to pay or play. Keep in mind that each one of the betting sites runs the way they choose.

They may include various sports or casino game, provide various types of information, announce special promotions, etc. These sites also offer a various option such as entertaining, current event, politics, and so on.

When selecting a betting site, go with one that offers you access to all information and credible betting options you feel you like to take advantage of.

Unbelievable Betting Option

As betting is so available online, if you wish to place a bet or roll a dice are finding yourself spoiled for choice. According to the betting sites the UK, the British betting laws are very supportive to the betting and gambling industries. In the UK, betting is considered in a more favorable light than in many other countries. Recently, the UK has become the center for online betting. A number of online betting companies are based there. Some of them are even involved in trading on the London Stock Exchange. With the expansion in the number of online betting companies, competition in the betting industries is an all the time high. This is a great news for players who are being offered excellent benefits in return for their expensive custom. 

How You’ll Review Online Betting Sites

Whether you’re using a mobile betting app or desktop site, it should be easy to operate as well as user-friendly. There is nothing more discouraging than wanting to place a bet on a horse race, only to misuse valuable time trying to place the race, and all the available market, on the bookmaker’s site. Hence, reviewing the website layout and mobile apps is important for you.

Once you choose the site design, it’s time to break down the bonuses, nitty gritty, odds, promotions, and markets. These are the options what actually differentiates one online betting site from another.

There are hundreds of different betting sites available. Among them to find out the reputable and trustworthy sites from shady sites can be tough.

It’s very significant to select only the safest and most trustworthy betting sites on the internet. Try to select those sites who have proven themselves for years.

Make sure you won’t face any problem getting paid. Choosing high-rated online betting sites to ensure you that your money will be safe and paid out when requested.


Founded in 2000, bet365 is today one of the prominent gambling platforms in the world. It launches its online sports betting platform in March 2001. Although it’s based in the UK, it serves over 9 million customers in about 200 countries. It provides customers the most comprehensive and a wide variety of services including Casino, Sports Betting, Poker, Financials, Bingo, featured Games as well as table games. The customers can pick the new player bonus and also can enjoy a lot of lucrative promotions. bet365 allows customers to bet on Live In Play where they can place their bet on the events as they are taking place. Choose your favorite one from a huge variety of games including Roulette, Blackjack, and slot games and enjoy the efficient customer support.


Established in 2008, 888sport is one of the top rated and biggest multinational online sports gambling platform in the world today. The site serves its customers in six languages all over the world. Featuring with three main odd formats: EU, US, and the UK, 888sport provides a user-friendly interface for both novices and professional gamblers.  They offer the latest odds, including live In-Play betting on all major sports. Enjoy the in-bet features from their huge odds for live games where the odds are continually updated to reflect the current phases of the games.


betway is one of the world’s best gambling sites featuring sports from every continent. It’s one of the best betting sites offering the best odds for sports betting, latest online casino games and much more. betway is one of the best betting platforms that offers to play Bingo both 75 & 90 ball. It’ll definitely bring you the very best online bingo experience. In addition, it provides you over 400 slot games from 3 reel and 5 reel slots. You’ll definitely be impressed with its generous welcome bonus up to £1000 and fantastic prizes every day. Your security and safety are guaranteed here.


Although initially specialized in online sports betting, betvictor is now one of the biggest independent bookmakers in the world. They are also one of the most reputable and trustworthy companies in the betting industry. If features online casino including games, software, screenshots, cash out time, promotions and bonuses. betvictor is well known for its transparency as well as fair services. They allow their customers to place much larger bets than many competitors. betvictor brings all the live stream opportunities to its customers. More than 25 sports are available here. Enjoy the strong horse racing betting with guaranteed best odds with betvictor.


Founded in June 2000, betfair is one of the best bookmakers that conducts the world’s largest online betting exchange. They offer a lot of fun through online casino games from blackjack tables to roulette and slots. Play the best odds Sports Betting, Horse Betting, Football betting with betfair and get the superior online gaming experience. They also offer lucrative free bets for new customers. Cash Out your In-Play bets, place a Multiple and get the best value with betfair.Betfairexperts tipsters are always ready to provide you free betting tips.

Bonus And Promotions

Most online betting sites announce welcome bonus to their new players. There are some sites that offer even 120% bonus. The bonus is always linked with the initial deposit.

In addition to the welcome bonus, some popular sites also offer free bets. You can earn free bet if you lay a bet using house money as a risk-free benefit for your loyalty.

Moreover, betting sites offer a lot of promotions. Sometimes it may be a little crush to the players. Based on a major horse race or a specific AFL game, such types of promotions range from a special to a long standing that remains valid regardless of the day events. 

Essential Factors When Choosing A Betting Site

It’s essential to consider numbers of factors when choosing a betting site.

Years In Continuation

It’s one of the biggest factors to look at when choosing a site to play at is how many years it has been continuing its journey. It’s typical that if a site has been in existence for a long time, it’ll be more trustworthy and reputed.

The sites which are shady r not trusted to their customers won’t be able to continue for a long time. Betting sites only can withstand if they’re actually taking care of their customers and making things legal. The easiest metric of considering the trustworthiness of a site is- if the site has been in business for 5 years is great and any duration beyond that is incredible.

Reliable Position

It’s also another important criterion as well as one of the most serious components when selecting betting sites. If you think about sports betting site, it’s convenient the online sports betting community is somewhat small.

This means that if a site is trustworthy and doing well people will easily know. On the same way, if the site fails to serve its customers properly, people will know.

Even, other review websites also know about the site. It’s a very effective idea to read up on the forums if you like to do some of your own research. A betting site with worse reputation never is able to survive long.

Simple, Swift And Trusted Deposit And Withdrawal Options

If you’re inexperienced in the online betting realm, you’ll be surprised to learn how important this one is. It’s convenient if as soon as the game is over and if you’re physically there, you can reach to the cage and get paid.

This is possible only if you’re actually there and there is no line which usually there after a big game. With online betting, there may sometimes be a large window on how swiftly deposits and withdrawals are processed.

If you’re looking for a deposit and withdrawal options, consider the following criteria:

  • Various mediums and options, the betting site has for each
  • Is there any instant deposit available to your account?
  • Is the withdrawal process swift and reliable?
  • Are there any limits on the quantity or size of withdrawals?
  • How the site handles a big win that isn’t usual for a big withdrawal?
  • Is any bonus available for certain deposits?
  • What are the requirements for their bonuses?

Betting Limits And Contesting Lines

Placing a bet on a betting website will be absolutely fruitless if there are terrible lines and odds on games. For this reason, it’s worth to pay close attention to the competitiveness of the lines the websites put out and how they correlate with the rest of the betting industry.

Keep in mind that not all of the lines going to be the best of each game. Hence, keep attention to the line shopping and joining multiple sites.

Consider the betting limit, too, so that they can accommodate bigger gamers in case that’s who you’re and what you’re pursuing to be.

There are examples of some sites that offer sharp bettors worse odds or limit the amount that they can bet. There are even some betting sites, where bettors have been suspended completely as they’re too successful or sharp in their opinion.

User Interface

The betting site, especially sports betting needs to be relaxing and fun no matter whether you’re playing for just fun or trying to make a living out of it.

As you’re investing a significant time on these betting sites, verify that you select ones that have a graphics and feel that you like and keep you breezy.

Look how they have set up the games and if it’s simple to search the games you like to play. Moreover, be sure that they have a process to change the odds into the format you want in case you don’t like their standard one.

There is some betting site that allows you to change the odds format for the entire site with just one click on one button. On the other hand, there are also some betting sites that require you to do it for each bet. It can be a little tedious. 

Games Offered

This factor is very significant, especially if you want to bet on shady or less popular betting sites. Top betting sites offer the popular bet types and the popular games. But it becomes punch and miss if you get into shady bet types.

The betting sites list the games they offer. You should log into the sites and take a look. If you’re interested in live in-play betting, you should also check whether the site offers it or not. 


People are naturally anxious about the safety of their personal information as well as their funds when using online betting sites. Such concerns aren’t completely baseless as there are a number of betting sites that are defrauded and can’t be trusted. However, it’s easy to avoid such types of betting sites. If you switch to the top betting sites that are perfectly licensed, have a study fame and positive track record, then your online betting experience definitely will be a perfectly safer one.